‘Lovecraft Country’ Season 2: Release Date, Plot Details, and Everything Else We Know

Lovecraft Country has been a truly pleasant surprise. Debating in August 2020, the HBO series quickly became a fan for its intricate storytelling, moving shows, and the spooky twist about black history. But unfortunately, it may be a while before viewers get new moments.

At the time of this writing, HBO has not announced a second season for the show. However, if it gets the green light, there are already ideas for what could happen. Beforehand, learn more about it Lovecraft Country and everything we know about his plans for the future.

Jonathan Majors, Jurnee Smollet, and Michael K WIlliams
Jonathan Majors, Jurnee Smollett, and Michael K WIlliams | HBO

What we know about ‘Lovecraft Country’ Season 2

Although HBO has not confirmed a second season, Green said Rolling Stone in an interview published on 18 October: “We are in talks with HBO. I just finished Season One three weeks ago. But I’m excited about exploring Season Two and what we have in mind. Nothing official. ”

Ongoing in interview with DeadlineShe said: “I look forward to a second season that will keep Matt Ruff’s novel spirit alive by reclaiming the place of sex storytelling that has been left to people of color. ”

One two – quarter theory going around the internet is that Tic might return, but it probably may not. In an interview with Weekly entertainment, Majors said Tic is gone and “very peaceful” with his story. But at the same time, he did not close the door when he returned to his career, if that is something writers decide to do.

While we wait for more information from HBO, read more of the Lovecraft Country broadcast below.

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