‘Little House on the Prairie’: Why Laura Ingalls Actor Melissa Gilbert ‘Got a Sick Feeling’ Whenever She Saw ‘Almanzo Wilder’ in the Script

Melissa Gilbert was cast as Laura Ingalls when she was 9 years old. America was watching her grow up Toilet on the Moor. They saw her fight bullies, make friends, develop her first crush, and finally fall in love and marry. But just because Laura was suddenly interested in romance doesn’t mean Gilbert was. This is why the actor “got sick of it [her] a stomach that didn’t go away for the next two seasons ”when she would see“ Almanzo Wilder ”appear in the script.

Melissa Gilbert And Dean Butler in the 'Cottage on the Moor'
Dean Butler and Melissa Gilbert NBC Television / Courtesy of Getty Images

Melissa Gilbert wasn’t ready to grow up when Laura Ingalls did ‘Little House on the Prairie’

Gilbert knew Laura’s way of life – she had read the books. She knew, once, that Laura would fall in love, marry, and have a child. But these major changes in her character’s life came much sooner than she expected.

“I had been having a hard time with Laura’s younger interests and aspirations,” Gilbert wrote in her memoir. Prairie story. “The new sixth season introduced a number of new characters, including Almanzo Wilder, the young man Laura would fall in love with, marry and start a family with.”

And while Gilbert was upset with Butler, she thinks he was upset with her too.

“It must have felt so great to meet this dirty fifteen-year-old with an artificial peach all over her legs (I hadn’t even shaken them yet), and I was told that I was the a woman who had to fall in love with and marry, ”she wrote.

Gilbert and Butler may not have had the best start, but today they are “good friends. ”

“He knows it scared the crap out of me and as a result, I made a point to do everything possible to make it as uncomfortable as possible,” Gilbert wrote.

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