‘Little House on the Prairie’: When Melissa Gilbert Realized Michael Landon Was Having an Affair With a Stand-in

Actor played by Laura Ingalls Wilder Toilet on the Moor, Melissa Gilbert, looks up at Michael Landon as if he were his own father. So when she realized that he might have had a relationship, she thought she was “lying.”

Michael Landon and his girlfriend Cindy Clerico on November 21, 1982 pose for photographs outside the Sherry Netherlands Hotel in New York City
Michael Landon and Cindy Clerico in 1982 | Ron Galella / Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images

Melissa Gilbert was close to Michael Landon, his ex-wife Lynn Noe, and their children

After Gilbert was cast as Laura, she quickly became friends with the children of Landon, Leslie and Michael Jr. (she dated Mike Jr. for a while).

“I slept at their house and I had them, often enough they felt like my weekend family, and I thought Mike and Lynn were the funniest, most loving couple,” he wrote. Gilbert of Memories, Prairie story.

When Gilbert first met Noah, she thought she was “one of the wisest women I have ever seen.”

Marjorie Lynn Noe Landon, Michael Landon featured on 'The Barbara Walters Special'
Marjorie Lynn Noe Landon and Michael Landon American broadcasters through Getty Images

Although Gilbert did not know exactly what was going on between Landon and Clerico, she knew “it could be wrong. When she spoke to her mother about it, she said: “Oh, you’re crazy.” And Gilbert believed i.

In fact, “Mike still bought Auntie Lynn’s gifts, thanked her when he picked up prizes, told everyone how much he loved her, and that she enjoyed it when we went to Hawaii. ”

But that was the beginning of the end for Landon and Noah. The Toilet the director of Clerico was married in 1983 and remained married until his death in 1991.

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