‘Little House on the Prairie’: The Prank Michael Landon Would Play on the Women Who ‘Came Out in Droves To Watch Him Work and To Swoon’

The women liked Michael Landon. When he played Charles Ingalls and was an executive producer, writer and director Toilet on the Moor, would often get female visitors, according to Melissa Gilbert, the actress who played Laura Ingalls. Landon, apparently, always took the opportunity to play a friendly pole on the ‘droves’ of women who came to see him at work.

Michael Landon on 'Little House on the Prairie'
Michael Landon as Charles Philip Ingalls | NBCU Photo Bank

Melissa Gilbert would hardly accept [her] eyes off ‘Michael Landon when they first started working together on’ Little House on the Prairie ‘

Young Gilbert was not free from Landon ‘s charisma and looks good as a little girl. In her memory, Prairie story, she immediately states that she cannot “accept [her] eyes off ”Landon when filming the pilot.

“I have never personally seen a man raised like him,” she wrote. “It was an upturned, thick and muscular triangle and difficult beyond my imagination.”

“We fired outside on the Simi Valley range about eighty minutes north of Paramount, and if the sun was out, Mike would, by the end of the morning, take off his shirt and work in just his trousers, shoes and hangers, ”Gilbert wrote. “(By all means, it could be very hot in the Simi Valley.) Well, women came out in droves to watch work and go through, and he loved to be playing a special drink on them. ”

First, Landon would instruct Gilbert to catch a frog from lunch.

“I can still hear his amazing whistle, ‘Half Pint, I’ll get a little one,'” Gilbert wrote.

Then he would put the frog in his mouth and “walk over to where the women were standing, say hello, and let the poor frog jump out at them. As they screamed and screamed, he shook out a dirty, self-satisfied smile that made it even more enjoyable. ”

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