‘Little House on the Prairie’: Melissa Gilbert Never Saw Michael Landon Drunk

Michael Landon and Melissa Gilbert joined Toilet on the Moor together. Landon played Charles Ingalls, and was also the writer, director and executive producer of the show. Gilbert played Charles’ daughter, Laura Ingalls Wilder, the main character Toilet on the Moor.

On set, Landon was the father of Gilbert and the other children’s actors. Landon was a huge influence on Gilbert growing up. While Landon often drank alcohol on the set of Toilet on the Moor, Gilbert admitted she had never seen him drunk.

Toilet on the Moor
Melissa Sue Anderson, Melissa Gilbert, Karen Grassle, and Michael Landon NBCU Photo Bank

Melissa Gilbert grew up playing Laura on ‘Little House on the Prairie

Gilbert was only 10 years old when Toilet on the Moor initially, and was 18 years old when it ended. The actress released a memoir of her life after the so-called show Prairie Story: Memories in 2009.

Around the time the memorial was unveiled, Gilbert spoke Today‘s Erin Burnett about the book and Toilet on the Moor.

“By the standards of a child actor, it was probably the best experience you could have… I was against what you would expect a kids star to be,” Gilbert told Burnett. “I was totally working. I was the girl in the one-piece swimsuit with cotton pajamas over it and a hat, eating a baloney sandwich with mayonnaise running down my arm, and I was like 15 years old at the time. ”

Melissa Gilbert did not see Michael Landon drunk

In her memoir, Gilbert revealed that she started trying drugs and alcohol at a young age. She also acknowledged that Landon had influenced her in ways she did not understand at the time.

“I have extended his influence on me beyond the set,” she wrote accordingly Today. “As a child, I didn’t know he was sucking vodka from his coffee mug … but I’m sure one reason I was, as a young adult, was almost always picking up people who melts like alcohol. ”

While talking to Burnett for Today, Gilbert compared herself to Landon.

“To believe it, I’ve never seen him drunk, I’ve never seen his personality change. He didn’t have that version, ”said Gilbert. “I did it later when I started drinking. I reached a point where that turn would go away and my personality would change – but Michael was able to keep up no matter what. ”

Melissa Gilbert has no regrets after ‘Little House on the Prairie’

Landon died in 1991, and to this day Gilbert is held in high esteem.

“He was an amazing man, amazing talent, amazing director, actor, writer, good leader, amazing man,” she said.

While Gilbert led an intense life after her time as Laura went on Toilet on the Moor, she has no regrets.

“Everything, no matter how painful, took me to this place I am right now, which is truly an amazing place to be,” Gilbert told Burnett. “I have a peaceful, happy life. I have those wonderful, confident children. I am married to a man I am completely confused about, who loves me. It’s a real gift. ”

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