‘Little House on the Prairie’: Alison Arngrim Once Got a Cup of Orange Soda Thrown at Her Head

Toilet on the Moor fans are well aware that a number of colorful characters were on display. But maybe the one that everyone hated, of course, was Nellie Oleson. She is known for her dirty and daring manners, Nellie is nothing short of a bully, and fans of the show would often be annoyed by her behavior. In fact, Alison Arngrim (cast as Nellie) played the role so well that she personally faced the anger of angry fans at times.

Toilet on Prairie star Alison Arngrim in character
Alison Arngrim | NBCU Photo Bank

Luckily enough, Arngrim didn’t like her character growing up. In fact, she wasn’t even looking at Nellie’s play when she first heard it Toilet on the Moor. In an interview with Zoomer, Arngrim said, she first did interviews for both Laura Ingalls and Mary Ingalls. However, because Laura ‘s role was so popular, the throw allowed her to try out for Nellie instead. Arngrim took the opportunity and ran with it and was largely hired on the spot.

‘Little House on the Prairie’ cast member Alison Arngrim reflects on her famous character

Playing Nellie Arngrim gave a sense of freedom because the part was so remote. “I was very shy as a child – I was more of the kind who was beaten by Nellie Oleson in the playground,” he said. Toilet on the Moor shared alum. “This character was the opposite of me – I’ve never been so brash, and the things Nellie did and told people I would never be dare to do or say. But I had to become someone else completely and it was horrible. ”

While playing a villain at such a young age that could be a challenge for someone so young, Arngrim’s excitement helped her get over the role and the backing she would sometimes have. Toilet on the Moor fans didn’t realize she was just playing a character. Arngrim was part of the showbiz family and many of her parents’ friends were also actors, so she learned early on how to separate people from the characters they played.

Arngrim often had to deal with fan anger

Because Arngrim was always able to keep her personality and character apart, it was a bit difficult for her when there were some Toilet on the Moor fans couldn’t do the same. In fact, the actress met very intense fans by playing evil Nellie. She was even honored at a one-time parade by a fan who clearly did not follow Nellie’s behavior.

“I mean, the things that people have told me – you wouldn’t believe it! ”Arngrim admitted. “I was once in a Christmas parade and someone [in the crowd] I threw a cup of orange soda at my head. People have been out when I am around. ”Clearly, Toilet on the Moor fans were overwhelmed by the character Arngrim was asked to play. While we think it was challenging for the actress to deal with fan anger at times, she seems to have taken it all in stride. Plus, she can be proud that she created a character that caused such intense emotions.

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