‘Little House on the Prairie’: Alison Arngrim Once Called This Castmate ‘The Biggest B*tch on the Set’

When you have a great team, some actors are unlikely to get there. The stars Toilet on the Moor this is special. Thanks to different personalities, things were not always as warm and relaxed behind the scenes as they were on the screen. Of course, some team members still didn’t get the disdain for particular actors on display years later. For example, Alison Arngrim does not have the best memories of one of her companions Toilet on the Moor castmates.

Toilet on Prairie cast member Alison Arngrim
Alison Arngrim | NBCU Photo Bank

Fans of Toilet on the Moor I will remember that Arngrim played Nellie Oleson on the show. In fact, Nellie was the villian that everyone hated. Nellie was known for her covert opinion and her bullying habits. But while Arngrim may have played a rug on screen, she said another actor was a real nightmare in real life.

Alison Arngrim finds out candid about her singer ‘Little House on the Prairie’

In a 2008 interview with Steppin ‘Out magazine, Arngrim got very honest about her predecessors. She said one person found it particularly difficult to work with. “Will you be the biggest on the set Toilet on the prairie was Melissa Sue Anderson! ”Arngrim said. “Poor little blind Mary. She was very advanced. It doesn’t work anymore. She finally gave up. And she married a man with a lot of money. ”

But what made Anderson so challenging to work with according to Arngrim? Anderson apparently did not have the best view. To make matters worse, Anderson’s mother is said to have been over-present on the set Toilet on the Moor which did not help Arngrim ‘s views on her.

Why did Arngrim name Melissa Sue Anderson ab * tch

“It was so hard on the show,” Arngrim said of her Toilet on the Moor castmate. “Okay, playing a blind girl is slow, but she was ab * tch before she went blind. I really think it was her mother. Her mother was the worst stage. She was a very troubled woman. Almost as bad as Dina Lohan. It was like hanging out with Yoda all day. I don’t know what her journey was. If the show was done now, she would wear a hair extension and do her nails on the set. She would be totally Paris Hilton about the whole thing. ”

It seems to be years later Toilet on the Moor finished, Arngrim still felt disdain for Anderson. In 2008, she remained confused about Anderson’s personal choice to deny her American citizenship. She made her feelings clear as she expressed dissatisfaction for Anderson’s choices. Clearly, there are some team members Toilet on the Moor each other had strong feelings. Luckily for fans, it seems they didn’t let their personal feelings influence the show itself.

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