‘Law & Order: SVU’: Rooney Mara Thought Her Acting Debut in Season 7 Was ‘So Stupid’

Law & order: Special Victims Unit The 22nd season is now a success. Over the years, many actors, both famous and progressive appear guests on the crime drama. But for one actor who took part in the early series of her career, she didn’t really enjoy the experience. In fact, she had hard things to say about it.

‘Law & Order: SVU’ is very popular

Rolling Stone reporting since its inception in 1999, Law & order: SVU he developed the following legacy. Starring Mariska Hargitay as Captain Olivia Benson, sad but affectionate, the show speaks like stories that are “torn from the heads.” The plots are loosely based on real sex crimes that have garnered media attention. For 22 seasons, the show has continued to attract an audience.

As the drama focuses on sex crimes, it’s a surprise to some how excited fans are about a show that explores a topic that many people have a hard time talking about openly. But perhaps that’s why it’s still so popular.

“At first, I was terrible.” Hargitay once explained about the early days of the show. “Many survivors were abusive [to me] for the first time, and many shared how the show gave them new strength, the desire to fight for their own justice, or just the community of shared knowledge. ”

Over the years, many actors have jumped at the chance to perform guest shows on the show, including stars such as Brooke Shields, Hayden Panettiere, Elizabeth Banks, and John Ritter. But for one star who came to a guest venue when she was still largely unknown, that opportunity was not so great.

Rooney Mara appeared in Season 7

Rooney Mara will attend the 8th Annual Museum of Contemporary Film Benefit honoring Cate Blanchett at the Museum of Contemporary Art on November 17, 2015 in New York City.
Rooney Mara | Neilson Barnard / Getty Images

according to The celebrities, Rooney Mara was born in New York in 1985. She became interested in acting from a young age, and finally overcame her anxiety to try it out when she was a high school expert. That gamble seemed to pay off, as she replaced Juliet in her school representation Romeo and Juliet.

Her first major role as an adult came in 2006 when she became involved Law & order: SVU. In the program, titled “Fat,” she plays a woman who violently attacks obese people, along with her boyfriend. The reason for the violence was that she had been obese and deeply hated obese people.

After that career, Mara’s career began to pick up steam. She has appeared in several films, including A Nightmare on Elm Street and The Social Network. But this was its main place in 2011 Girl With the Dragon Tattoo that brought her international fame. During her press tour promoting that film, however, Mara made a few remarks about it Law & Order part that surprised people.

The show was “so silly”

In an interview with Allure, Mara seemed to speak out against the show which was one of her cornerstones to success.

“It was so awful. So silly. People are happy with that show. I don’t get it, ”she said. “My boyfriend and I went – although I don’t look old enough to have a boyfriend – I was beaten up by those fat people, and at the end of the show you discover that I used to be fat and I hate fat people. It’s weird. Who would ever do that? Who would hit someone because they are fat? ”

Not surprisingly, people were captivated by the harsh comments about the popular show. according to E Online, Mara tried to walk back her thoughts.

“That was my first job,” she said. “It couldn’t have been more interesting to me. It’s an experience I love dearly. ”

Clearly, both Law & order: SVU and Mara over the controversy surrounding her views. Fans of the long-running crime drama and successful actress are not surprised that they did.

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