Lady Gaga Says She Became a ‘Horrible Human Being’ While Playing The Countess in ‘AHS’

Although Lady Gaga ‘s Oscar – nominated performance in A star is born easily the most famous on-screen version with the pop image, she took home the Golden Globe in 2016 for her part in American Horror Story: Hotel. She played The Countess. While fans moved over to the seductive, sinister, self-serving, and blood-sucking vampire, Gaga didn’t like the women she came across while working on the show.

Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga reaches 25th Screen Actors Guild Awards | Emma Nic an t-Saoir / Getty Images for Turner

The Countess was merciful and humble; she was willing to do what is unbelievable – use the lives of children for her own benefit – and engage in hedonistic behavior just before or after the truth. During actress round table for Hollywood Reporter, Gaga spoke on the show with Glenn Close, Nicole Kidman, Regina King, and more. She explained that, of her previous characters, she does not want to sit down with the Countess.

Why wouldn’t Lady Gaga want to sit down with the Countess of ‘American Horror Story’

Lady Gaga explained why she did not like the man she was working with AHS: Hotel. She told THR:

“I do not want to sit down with the Countess at all because I am just a terrible man.

Gaga went on to explain that the character’s action revealed her lack of empathy and empathy – a complete absence of heart.

Lady Gaga reports on the Countess’s most horrific behavior

Gaga described parts of the Countess for her colleagues; she took notes of the rock, which was enough to seal the treaty. She said:

“The woman would feed after having sex and killing people. Then, the way she kept herself young by shedding blood through children would be to take her captive. ”

Gaga | THR

Although Gaga is not persuaded to chat with the Countess, she would like to sit down with Ally from A star is born to give her a big hook and tell her it will be okay.

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