Justin Duggar’s Fiancée’s Family is Already Proving They’re Close With Josh Duggar’s Wife, Anna Duggar

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have 19 children. Now, even their youngest children are growing up fast and getting ready for marriage.

Justin Duggar is just 18 years old, and his girlfriend, Claire Spivey, is a huge hit with the whole family. Claire’s mother, Hilary Spivey, seems to be even starting to get along well with Josh Duggar’s wife, Anna Duggar. Here’s what happened on Instagram to confirm that the women are approaching.

Justin Duggar and Claire Spivey are involved

Fans are familiar with the Duggars for their fast-paced duties at a young age, as their courtship is usually only a few months long. Justin seems to be following this path as well. He announced his engagement to Claire shortly after his 18th turn, and came just two months after he told his fans they were starting to court each other.

Finding the one you plan to spend your life with is nothing like that, ”said the couple Weekly Us on 16 November. “We know we have found that together. We can’t wait to get married and we look forward to living together with faith in Christ, mutual love and happiness! ”

Some critics of Duggar’s family seem to think that Justin and Claire are not entirely truthful about the engagement. After the couple announce their plans to tie the knot, some Reddit users suggested that they were involved longer than they allowed.

“They may have been involved for even longer and took pictures last week to tell once it’s 18,” a Reddit user said. “We know they won’t go public with courtship unless a marriage has been arranged. ”

Claire’s mother comments on Anna Duggar’s Instagram

Anna Duggar and Josh Duggar are standing at the 42nd Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).
Anna Duggar and Josh Duggar will stand at the 42nd Conservative Political Action Conference Kris Connor / Getty Images

Claire’s family seems to be getting on well with the other Duggars. Many of Justin ‘s sisters went to Instagram to congratulate him. And Josh’s wife, Anna, has been happily communicating with Claire’s mother, Hilary, online.

“Look closely there Anna I thought you were hiding lumps of cigarette in your tree!” Hilary mentioned Anna Post Instagram of her Christmas tree covered in Nerf tartan. To that, Anna responded with several smiling face emojis.

Some critics believe that this kind of interaction proves that Anna and Hilary are lonely and hope for friendship.

“Their husbands are away all day, leaving them without an age-appropriate person to talk to,” he said Reddit write user. “Everyone’s favorite sister seems to be their favorite.”

Some think that Hilary Spivey ‘s interaction with Anna is abusive

While Hilary was clearly trying to make fun of Anna’s Christmas tree, some Reddit users think Hilary didn’t have to do the digging.

“This kind of looks like Hilary is Anna’s low throw shadow,” wrote another Reddit user. “Like to think that even a keen eye is tantamount to thinking that there is a chance that someone in Anna’s home is smoking, I would think it would be a shame for them.”

“Yeah, the joke didn’t make sense and he suggested that ANNA smoke around her children,” said another.

“I know her effort is a joke but it is an option to tell future friends that their tree is full of cigarettes …” said another critic.

We’re sure Anna didn’t take her personally, as she’s close to her Duggar in-laws and seems to want to be friendly with Hilary as well. We’ll keep an eye out to see if Anna and Hilary interact even more online to grow the positive relationship.

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