Joy-Anna Duggar ‘Liked’ a Shady Comment on Instagram Regarding Why Jill Duggar Doesn’t Participate in Family Events

While the Duggars are still filming for TLC’s Counting on, Jill Duggar made her stand on the acclaimed show. Jill and her husband, Derick Dillard, have criticized the series and spoken out why they left. Not only that, but Jill has noticed that many members of her family are not supportive of her new lifestyle.

In December 2020, Joy-Anna Duggar liked to comment on Instagram suggesting that Jill was not banned from family events. Here is what happened.

Jill Duggar took a big step away from ‘Counting On’ and family events

At the end of 2019, fans felt something was going on with Jill and the rest of the Duggars. And that’s when Derick started speaking out. According to Derick, he and Jill needed permission from Jim Bob Duggar to visit the Duggar family home and attend family events. Jill decided to live a newer lifestyle and step away from Counting on apparently creating a bad move.

Since then, Jill has gone to YouTube and the media to explain her family situation to fans. While Jill still keeps up with many of her sisters, she tends to keep her distance from others, as many of her sisters are not entirely right by breaking off the pack.

Are they supportive? Not always, ”Jill explained of her family through a YouTube video. “Everyone has an opinion about different things. I feel like some of my sisters are more like, they have something to say about others. ”

Joy-Anna Duggar liked the shadowy idea of ​​Jill’s absence

Jill was taken to YouTube for multiple Q & As regarding her stance with her family. But it seems that her brothers did not talk about her absence too often. While many fans notice when Jill isn’t attending family events, the rest of the Duggars usually do.

On December 16, Joy-Anna posted picture of many of her sisters-in-law come together for a holiday gathering. Pictured are Jessa, Jana, Anna, and Michelle Duggar as well as some young Duggar girls. But Jill is missing.

“Very sad that your boys won’t take her in,” one follower said in a Joy-Anna post.

Afterwards, another fan commented, “Why do you think she never went with the sisters? Never think she chooses not to go. ”

Joy-Anna liked the second idea of ​​Jill choosing not to be part of family events.

Duggar’s family critics don’t think Joy-Anna understands Jill’s situation

Joy-Anna deserves her feelings about Jill’s situation. But critics of Duggar’s family carried on Reddit thinking that Joy-Anna does not fully understand Jill ‘s situation, because even if Jill was invited to the party, that does not mean that she will receive a warm welcome from her family members.

“Getting invited is not the same thing,” said one Reddit user.

“She may still have been invited by Derick but they would both look at them as hawks, making sure they weren’t taking pictures or videos without permission, making sure none of them were talk to one of the most vulnerable. children who [Jim Bob] I’m not 100% sure, ”wrote another. “It might be just so unpleasant and stressful that it’s not worth going.”

“Maybe they were invited,” wrote another. “However, it would be under their circumstances. Although we see Lauren wearing ripped jeans and such, she ‘s a law girl and not OG Duggar. ”

Hopefully Joy-Anna and Jill can talk about the move one day, because they looked ultra-close when they were young.

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