Jessa Duggar’s New Family Photos Are Fueling Pregnancy Rumors

The Duggars are known for their love of big families, and a few of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar ‘s older children are on track to have many children. Jessa Duggar already has three children with her husband, Ben Seewald. And fans have profited from the end of 2020 that Jessa could be preparing for baby No. 4.

Jessa recently shared sweet family photos to Instagram – and fans and critics alike think it could mean she’s pregnant. Here’s why.

Fans are wondering if Jessa Duggar is pregnant by following new Instagram photos

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Jessa Duggar is very active on Instagram and YouTube, and she posted new family photos to Instagram in January 2021. The photos show her, Ben, and their three children together in a wheat field – and the photos are very sweet .

“It’s almost four years since our professional family photos were last taken… it was about time,” Jessa introduced. role of Ben and the two sons. Jessa then put together a photo of herself and Ben, a photo of her daughter Ivy, and a few more photos of the whole family.

Fans at the professional shooting are wondering if Jessa is preparing to announce another pregnancy.

“Baby # 4 coming soon?” a fan mentioned one of the sets of pictures.

“Maybe that means she’s pregnant,” said another man pictured Ben and the children.

Critics of Duggar’s family discovered an idea that could be pregnant with a child

Jessa is all over to see if she’s really preparing for baby No. 4. She’s talked about wanting a lot of kids with Ben in the past, and it’s not clear how. whether they use birth control or not. All in all, it looks like Jessa could be preparing for a big release – with critics of the Duggar family on Reddit suspect the same.

“I 100% think Jessa is pregnant,” a critic wrote on Reddit. “The third picture is when Whitney Bates got pictures made and they hold the same towel and her children kept a sonogram for their fertile news. It would not be surprising if the Seewalds do the same. ”

“Jessa is definitely pregnant with IMO,” said another. “The photographer who painted this recently made a picture of Josie Bates announcing # 2. I think Jessa will publish before the end of the month and expect her in June or July.”

Fans have been thinking about Jessa’s pregnancy since November 2020

Critics and fans alike are keeping a close eye on Jessa’s posts, as they suspect she has been hiding a pregnancy since November 2020. And some people are on the internet believes Jessa has been ignoring suggestions about pregnancy even longer.

Back in February 2020, Jessa was talking to her sisters-in-law about epidurals, and she mentioned the “next time” she has a baby, she looks inside. Then, in July 2020, Jim Bob joked at Jessa’s daughter’s birthday party. When Ivy ruined her smoking cake, Jim Bob said, “Tell us if it’s a boy or a girl,” which immediately encouraged profiteering.

Finally, in December 2020, Jessa held a wreath in front of her stomach for her picture with the other Duggars, and many wondered if he wanted to hide a lump.

We’ll have to wait to see if Jessa is going to make any big announcements or if she decided to get professional photos in 2021 just for fun.

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