Jessa Duggar Said Josie Duggar Gets a ‘Lot of Attention’ for Being the ‘Baby of the Family’

It is still hard to believe that Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar have 19 children. The couple is famous for their large family, and TLC cameras have been following them for over a decade. Now their youngest child, Josie, is 11 years old – and she has come a long way, as cameras have captured the uncertainty of her birth.

When Josie was younger, Jessa Duggar noticed that Jim Bob and Michelle in particular were dancing on the little girl. Here’s what Jessa said about Josie getting the most attention.

Josie Duggar was born 3 months before her named date

Josie was born three months premature, and Jim Bob and Michelle weren’t sure what the little girl was going to do. She weighed just 1 pound 6 ounces at birth, and went through several medical problems in the first few weeks of her life. The micro-preemie at the time also had a beautiful bowel – although doctors could help the situation.

It was not easy for Michelle to get pregnant with Josie. Mom developed preeclampsia and needed an emergency C-section. “I had preeclampsia 20 years ago with my first twin,” Michelle said CBS News. “They were born two weeks early. It’s one of those things. They have not yet found out why it is happening. ”

While fans know Josie is thriving now, Michelle remembered how scared she was when she was told she needed a C-section. “I thought this baby is too small to survive,” she told CBS. “I was scared. I cried out to God to have mercy on my child and on me. This was too early for this baby. “

Jessa Duggar said Josie gets a ton of attention for being the youngest

The youngest children in families are often stereotyped for getting the most attention. And that may have been the case for Josie. While the older children in Duggar often took care of their younger sisters and helped them with their schoolwork, Josie did not have these additional responsibilities. And she was often referred to as the “miracle” of the Duggar family.

TLC it took a moment when Josie was about to lose a tooth – and it became a great family connection. “We don’t usually give money for every tooth lost, but in Josie’s case, we thought that might give her the confidence to make it happen,” Jim Bob told him. the cameras regarding Josie’s loose tooth that needs to be shot.

Just as Josie was trying to close out the loose tooth, Jim Bob, Michelle and a few other Duggar children stood around to look at and greet her. And Jessa mentioned the family relationship. “As a child of the family, Josie is definitely getting a lot of attention,” she said. “And something like a loose tooth, I’m sure everyone was gathering around. ”

Jim Bob Duggar didn’t look as eager when another girl lost her tooth

Happy Birthday to you, Josie! Josie was born prematurely at 25 weeks weighing just 1 lb., 6oz. at birth. We prayed …

Post with Duggar Family Officer air Thursday, December 10, 2020

There was a lot of rejoicing when Josie finally removed her loose tooth. But there was less excitement when another young Duggar told Jim Bob that she had lost a tooth the day before.

“So after we offered Josie a dollar to help her get her tooth out, then Jenny came up and said, ‘Hey, I lost a tooth yesterday,'” Jim said. Bob to the cameras. “So I gave her a dollar. And then it looked like Jordyn was over there working on a few of her teeth trying to get them out. I’m not sure they deserve to come out. ”

We’re sure Jim Bob and Michelle will try to pay special attention to each of their children – but perhaps the stereotype of the youngest child gets the biggest resolution, of course.

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