‘Jersey Shore: Family Vacation’ Fans Are Plotting Against Angelina Pivarnick

Jersey Coast: family vacation still unbuttoning the drama from Angelina Pivarnick’s wedding. Some fans are disappointed that her November 2019 wedding is still a topic of conversation. Others are taking steps to remove Pivarnick from the MTV series completely.

Angelina Pivarnick
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Angelina Pivarnick remains part of ‘Jersey Shore: Family Vacation’

At the end Jersey Coast: family vacation Season 3, Pivarnick was livid with Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, Jenni “JWoww” Farley, and Deena Cortese. Their speech led to the Pivarnick marriage tragedy and, eventually, Polizzi abandoned the show.

Despite what fell after the wedding, Pivarnick remains part of the Jersey Coast: family vacation thrown.

Men of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation work to repair damage from Angelina Pivarnick’s wedding

As recorded so far in season 4, Mike “The Mediation” Sorrentino has implemented several plans to get Pivarnick in the same building as Farley and Cortese. When Pivarnick arrived on the program “Jurassic Angelina”, Sorrentino explained his intentions.

“We wanted to put all the fun and games aside and say we want to move on,” Sorrentino told Pivarnick. “If you want to solve this situation, you have to be part of the solution. We just want to move on – all of us. “

In an interview with TooFab, Pivarnick explained just how hard the boys worked to repair the family.

“They put a lot of effort into this,” she told the service. “Off camera [and] on camera. These boys went far and wide, and were better than trying to get this family to sit down. [It was] just as true of them. I love the boys. ”

Fans need to see how it all plays out in new episodes of Jersey Coast: family vacation, which will continue in the new year.

‘Jersey Shore’ fans blame Angelina Pivarnick for making the show ‘boring’

Many fans are annoyed by Pivarnick’s continued involvement in the show.

“Angelina and editing are the reason this show is getting tired,” a fan said Reddit, adds:

Every time Angelina is present there is unnecessary drama. I hate both production and Angelina equally. As production allows ‘Snooki’ to leave and keep Angelina longer than me. ‘Snooki’ was one of their main silver cows, and I’m not saying the rest of the team can’t carry the show, but why should they let Angelina be part of their ‘family’ she never did anything but upset people and give drama.

This fan said they are horrible watching the rest of it Jersey Coast: family vacation Season 4. They also asked other fans who feel the same way to start a petition to cut Pivarnick off the show.

Some fans of ‘Jersey Shore: Family Vacation’ are petitioning for Angelina Pivarnick to be removed from the show

“Let’s start a smear campaign as her fans started a smear campaign on Snooki and her business,” the fan lamented.

Many people agreed with this user in the comments. However, there were others who acknowledged their struggles with this season of Jersey Coast: family vacation to edit.

“I agree and disagree,” someone said he said. “Editing is 100% awful. But I don’t think Angelina is as awful or as impressive as they make her look. ”

There are currently two petitions to remove Pivarnick Jersey Coast: family vacation. Some fans want to Replaced by Lauren Sorrentino Pivarnick, but others want Pivarnick banned from the series completely.

At this point, MTV does not appear to have any plans to take Pivarnick out of the series.

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