‘Jeopardy!’: Who Is Guest Host Ken Jennings’ Wife Mindy?

Ken Jennings
Ken Jennings | Jeopardy results through Getty Images

As the time after Alex Trebek of Jeopardy! officially starting today, Ken Jennings is up as the first of several guests.

Behind this Jeopardy! champion his wife Mindy. Here is what you know about Ms. Jennings.

Ken and Mindy Jennings were just married a few years when ‘Jeopardy!’ happened

Camp wrote a quiz show and guest in his 2006 book Brainiac about the course he had to take when he found out he had been chosen to appear on it Jeopardy! in 2004.

“I only have twenty-seven days before my long trivia spy is marched in front of a national audience,” he wrote. “I’m terrible for trying anything.”

He described looking around his home for something that might help him train for his appearance. Jeopardy! So he turned to his wife, Mindy, whom he met while both were students at Brigham Young University. The couple married in 2000.

“‘ Where’s Dylan’s ring stack toy ?, ’I ask Mindy that night after dinner,” he said.

He explained to Mindy that he intended to “watch a video Jeopardy! as I can. ‘Of course, I’ve found that I can make a tape Jeopardy! twelve times a week. And I think I want to start watching the show stand up. ”

Mindy helped prep Ken to his big win in 2004

Ken and Mindy Jennings with their children
Ken and Mindy Jennings with their children

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Ken shared with his wife his plans to watch the program hours, standing up. Behind a recliner.

“[The recliner] looking about the same height as the competing podiums, ”he explained to Mindy. “To prepare for the show. [And the ring-stack toy] it is about the same size as the buzzard that the competitors are holding. I want to try different ways of holding it, and get used to pressing the button at the right time. ”

The preschool teacher is also the last supporter, and offered to be a score keeper. The future winner wrote of it, “It’s deep in apples, but I have a corner.”

The mother of one at the time, and now of two, was holding down the fort during her husband’s 74-game run still on the program.

Time was well invested by the pair, as Jennings went on to win over $ 2 million in his 2004 streak on the game show.

Mindy is now married to ‘Jeopardy!’ (guest) guest

Following Trebek’s death from pancreatic cancer on November 8, the show announced that a series of guest guests would be used to select a permanent host.

First, appropriately, is Ken Jennings who will begin his duties tonight.

At the time of the briefing, Ken tweeted, “There will only be one Alex Trebek, but I am honored to help Jeopardy! out with this in January. “

His comment was in response to the show’s tweet that the production would begin “with a series of interim guests from the Jeopardy! family – starting with Ken Jennings. Additional guests will be announced. ”

We’ll have to wait to see if he shows up tonight in Ken Jennings ’time Jeopardy!

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