James Van Der Beek Has a Pretty Shocking Net Worth Considering His Claims That ‘Dawson’s Creek’ ‘Paid Almost Nothing’

At the age of 20, James Van Der Beek became a big TV star when he replaced Dawson Leery Dawson’s Creek. However, the actor was so green in 1997 that he signed a “bad deal” which he says, “he paid almost nothing.” Van Der Beek says his part Dawson’s Creek money ran out years ago, but it still has an incredible net worth.

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‘Dawson’s Creek’ launched James Van Der Beek’s Michael Tran / FilmMagic career

James Van Der Beek agreed to a new TV job when ‘Dawson’s Creek’ money ran out

After his six-season run Dawson’s Creek which ended in 2004, Van Der Beek continued to work in films. However, he said Today that he refused many duties that would help him to be “relevant” because he feared.

He says he also gave things up because he was questioning whether he really wanted to do them or because he was asking what people would think. But he finally got to the point where he was thinking “what am I doing? That’s when he started saying yes to anything that was fun.

Van Der Beek says his Dawson’s Creek money was gone by 2012, which is when he signed up for a short-lived ABC sitcom Do not trust the B in Apartment 23. He noted that “there was no money left” from Dawson’s Creek. And, having signed a “bad deal” at such a young age, he saw “almost nothing” despite appearing on the popular series for six seasons.

It took a long time for the ‘Dawson’s Creek’ star to be okay with his own poking fun

even though Don’t trust the B… it didn’t last long, the show was good for Van Der Beek. He played a fictional version of himself, and enjoyed the WB days. He was wearing Dawson dress shirts and sang Paula Cole shirts I don’t want to wait to deceive women.

Van Der Beek says it took him a long time to feel comfortable making fun of himself and the character that made him famous.

“You’re very lucky no matter what your success, and that’s what happened to me,” he said. “But as soon as that happens, I think you seem to have something to lose. Or something to protect. That can often make you feel a little more important. ”

If it were for “all the money in the world,” Van Der Beek says it would have been easy to sit straight back and the coast. But when he realized he had to start providing for himself and his family, he made him go down.

He began taking positions he would have previously rejected, and picked up a net value that is not even needed Dawson’s Creek money.

James Van Der Beek is a multi-millionaire

When Van Der Beek divorced his first wife, Heather Ann McComb, in 2010, he agreed to pay $ 7,750 per month in spouse support for two and a half years. Divorce papers said Van Der Beek’s income was $ 35,000 per month, and McComb had only $ 1,750 at the time.

In the settlement, Van Der Beek kept their North Hollywood home, the bank accounts, and what was left of his acting and his rights to the projects he created. Ironically, when it was done paying out McComb, his Dawson’s Creek money went away too.

Since then, Van Der Beek has remarried. He and his wife Kimberly are the parents of five children. And, they recently moved to Austin, Texas, after fleeing California because of the tight locks.

The family of seven was able to move quickly because Van Der Beek had money to make it happen. according to Famous Net Worth, the 43-year-old actor is currently worth $ 8 million. The Blues Varsity alum laid down Beverly Hills and bought a “sprawling riverside building” in Austin that has a barn and several cables.

Dawson’s Creek available for streaming on Netflix.

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