Is the Series Finale of ‘M*A*S*H’ Still the Most-Watched TV Show of All-Time?

For years, it was the last series of M * A * S * H. the TV show was at an all-time high. But since 2000, we have been living at the time of “the peak of TV. “With so many shows broadcasting on the networks, cable channels, and streaming services, it’s impossible to keep up.

the throw M * A * S * H.
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This selection of quality TV options has proved great for both avid and casual viewers. But has any series beaten those numbers M * A * S * H. set up in 1983?

Why did the creators choose ‘M * A * S * H’ to end the series

Long before TV shows strategically demonstrated their own strategy, the goal was to stay on the air for as long as possible. As a rule, it was the network that decided when the TV show would end. But the creators of the M * A * S * H. he did different things.

according to The Washington Post, after 11 seasons the producers and the writing team chose to end the series to “protect themselves from devolution.”

Fans will remember that M * A * S * H. it was the first dramedy. He followed a group of surgeons and nurses based at the 4077th Mobile Army Medical Hospital in Uijeongbu, South Korea during the Korean War.

The series lasted longer than the war itself, and premiered at the end of the Vietnam conflict. Co-creator Larry Gelbert said they had a unique message to share with the audience. Not only was it a half-hour sitcom, it was also a statement of the horrors of war.

“We wanted to say that war was futile and represented as a failure on the part of everyone that people had to kill each other to make a point,” Gelbert said.

The final ending of the series ‘M * A * S * H’ attracted a historical number of viewers

When the last set of M * A * S * H. Broadcast on February 28, 1983, more than 106 million viewers flocked in. Titled “Goodbye, Farewell, and Amen,” the final show was expected to feature CBS 30 seconds of advertising time for $ 450,000. That was more than some of the advertising slots in the 1983 Super Bowl.

For a little more context, it’s the last set of Game of Thrones It attracted 13.6 million viewers when it first started. Even when you add recapitulations and streaming, the number was only 19.3 million. The numbers were great for HBO, but nothing compared to what M * A * S * H. achieved.

From 1983 to 2010, the M * A * S * H. it was at the end of the series that the record for the biggest TV show ever watched. It wasn’t until Super Bowl XLIV that more people watched one event. That game went out of the M * A * S * H. end with half a million viewers. However, in 2010 there were 115 million households with a TV. In 1983, 83.3 million households had television, so the numbers are a bit tired.

Even though the Super Bowl in 2010 got the better of them M * A * S * H. end of a series in the number of viewers, no other script series has come close.

Streaming services have changed the rating game

The 106 million viewers are the M * A * S * H. the end of an earned series is still a big part of TV history. The final finale is the final level at an all-time high, as well as the highest-selling documentary of a script series ever.

Number two is on the end list of the series Cheers. NBC’s legendary sitcom ran for 11 seasons and gained 80.4 million viewers when it ended in 1993. The series came to an end. Am Fugitive in 1967 it received 78 million viewers. The Seinfeld at the end there were 76.3 million viewers in 1998, and 52.5 million people watched the Friends ended in 2004.

In fact, all scripted series finances occurred in the top five before streaming age. Mar Rehack notes, the new platforms have completely changed the ranking game. It is impossible to determine how many viewers watch streaming shows.

Netflix releases some numbers sometimes. For example, season 3 of Strange things they broke the record for watching online. Around 64 million homes watched in the first month after its release. Netflix counts a view when at least 70 percent of a program is completed.

Meanwhile, the main shows are on broadcast TV right now NCIS, Anatomy Gray, and This is us. All of these shows tend to go around the 15 million mark. In 2016, NCIS it was considered the most popular show in the world when it reached 47 million viewers that season.

With a more broken TV landscape than ever before, a series of scripts is unlikely to be able to do the trick. M * A * S * H. series completion ranking anytime soon.

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