Is ‘Blue Bloods’ Actor Will Hochman Married?

The Blue blood extended family. An unexpected grandson has turned up at Reagan’s dinner table. Joe Hill, played by Will Hochman, is the son of Joe Reagan. Lately, Joe Reagan was the eldest son of NYPD Police Commissioner Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck). History has it that Joe Reagan, who was also an NYPD police officer, was killed before the series began a decade ago.

The Reagans did not know Detective Joe Hill. In the same way, Blue Bloods’ fans don’t know much about Hochman, the actor who represents him. Just where did this actor come from and is he married? Here is what we know.

The ‘Blue Bloods’ Joe Hill

At the time of Joe Reagan’s death, his girlfriend, Paula Hill (Bonnie Sommerville), was pregnant. The Reagan family did not know about it, so she decided not to tell them. She wanted to shelter her child from Reagan’s family business from being police officers.

For avid Blue blood fans, this may be a bit confusing because in Season 7, we met Angela Ferraro (Lucy Owen). Ferraro was also the girlfriend of Joe Reagan who came to Frank’s office to announce her marriage, to another police officer. She wanted Frank, and the rest of the Reagan family, to attend her wedding, according to Fandom. Some fans accepted that she was Joe Reagan’s girlfriend at the time of his death. Apparently not,

At the end of Season 10, and into the new season, we meet Paula Hill, who is urging her son Frank, her grandson, to move into a less risky career, according to March. Frank says he can’t do that, because any situation within the NYPD can be dangerous.

Enter Will Hochman

As Joe Hill, Hochman enters the show as Frank Reagan’s eldest grandson. The 28-year-old Hochman has not shown much on television. Sergeant Jacob Kalb appears in 2019 on CBS drama, The Code has been the same credit view of him before Blue blood, According to Rural Living. For those who have seen the film recently let it go, they recognize Hochman as Tucker.

Hochman may be more familiar to Broadway fans. He played Christopher opposite Mary-Louise Parker, whom his professor showed up in The sound inside, According to Broadway. He reappeared later Sweat at the Los Angeles Mark Taper Forum, and in Society of Dead Bards with the Classic Stage Company in New York.

Is Hochman married?

As long as he’s making a big deal, Hochman isn’t married, and it’s not known if he’s currently going around anyone. After earning a degree in Economics, he also took classes in the theatrical arts. “As a child, I would lie in bed at night and think of myself doing the talent shows in primary school or hearing about the plays that I never did,” he said in an interview. “I was too scared. He took to college to build confidence to enter the theater building and take an acting class. “

He got caught and wanted more. As a teenager, he tried to get the chairmanship of the theater department to allow him to take on a second major. She told him he didn’t have enough time to finish both. He took as many theater classes as possible while continuing his great work in economics.

according to Super Stars Bio, Hochman has already amassed an estimated net worth of $ 1 million. He is cast as an actor who reappears in Blue blood, although that could go on to become a regular member at any time.

Joe Hill recently teamed up with Sergeant Jamie Reagan (Will Estes) to find Danny (Donnie Wahlberg) and his partner, Maria Baez (Marisa Ramirez) after they went missing looking for a kill. He also came to Reagan’s dinner table for the first time, receiving an invitation from Danny (Andrew Terraciano), Danny’s son, who learned about his new cousin while making a genealogy assignment for the school.

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