Ian Somerhalder Is a Good Kisser According to an Ex Scene Partner From ‘The Vampire Diaries’

Ian Somerhalder Damon Salvatore looked at him The Vampire’s Diary. With the role came the opportunity to hone his on-screen movement skills in hot and heavy love scenes. And at least one co-star confirmed that Somerhalder is indeed a good kisser.

The Vampire's Diary
John Somerhalder in the Vampire Diaries | An CW

Ian Somerhalder recorded plenty of love scenes on screen

From Rebekah to Rose to Elena, the character Somerhalder Damon connected with his share of romantic partners during The Vampire’s Diary ‘ an eight-season run. Somerhalder exhibited an incredible level of chemistry with several scene participants. And the undead heartbreaking actor, Damon, delivered an amazing sizzle and swagger.

Fans of the show have their own ideas about which relationship of the character had the most heat. But when it came to bringing out the saucy situations, the actors involved had to call on their knowledge and professionalism to take away a credible passion for the camera, even in cases where they were less enthusiastic.

The actor described his favorite kiss on screen

Compared to Somerhalder’s drill description on the hook on the camera, Wood once admitted that Somerhalder knows what he’s doing when it comes to using his lips. Young Hollywood he interviewed Wood back in 2016, and Audrey Cleo asked him if Somerhalder is a good kisser.

“Oh yes,” Wood replied non-stop. “It’s good. He has a nice pout. I’d say it wasn’t too wet, but it was in the water. So, it was wet. But, you know, it wasn’t no Enjoy it.”

That’s it. Somerhalder has skills when it comes to kiss scenes. No wonder they call him “Smoldypants.”

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