‘I Love Lucy’: Lucille Ball Said Her Mother Tied Her to a Dog Leash and Kept Her in the Backyard

I Love Lucy Star Lucille Ball said her childhood was not perfect. She lost a lot and moved from town to town. Here is what Ball once said about the times when her mother would tie him to a dog leash.

Lucille Ball said she had a ‘challenging’ childhood

Ball Lucille |  Kevin Winter / Getty images
Ball Lucille | Kevin Winter / Getty images

In her book, Love, Lucy, A member described her childhood as “challenging.” However, the actress also says that her experiences contributed to her success later in life.

“People with a happy childhood will never do too much; they will not struggle or behave themselves, ”wrote Member. “They are moderate, well-mannered, well-liked, and good citizens. Society needs them. But the tremendous enthusiasm and enthusiasm necessary to succeed in any field – not just the show business – often appears rooted in a troubled childhood. ”

Member goes on to say that she was not “without love or desire,” but she moved a lot. She also says she suffered “death and hardship,” which led to her separation from lovers.

Lucille Ball said her mother tied her to a dog leash

Ball Lucille in 1962 |  Leonard Mccombe / LIFE Photo Collection via Getty Images
Ball Lucille in 1962 | Leonard Mccombe / LIFE Photo Collection via Getty Images

Ball said her father became very ill while her mother was five months pregnant. She was very upset and needed a way to keep an eye on young Lucille. Unfortunately, she could only imagine tying her daughter to a dog leash.

“My young mother was five months pregnant when my father became ill,” wrote Ball. “To control me she tied me with a dog leash, which she then hit to the clothes line in our backyard. Every time someone passed by on the sidewalk, I would try to be free. I must have been pretty sure, because I was really relieved. Then poor DeDe had to explore the neighborhood for me. “

Lucille Ball was struggling with anger

Ball said she developed a fiery temper as she got older. This created a problem when it came to interacting with other children and with her teachers. At times her anger boiled down to the point where she was involved in physical fights.

My childhood was as stormy as you might think. I had a redheaded temper (though not red hair) in those days. Cleo remembers me as a creative, strong-hearted teenager, shaking like a pine wheel.

I remember kicking, rolling, biting fights on the school grounds; there were some girls of course I had walks with them, and a few boys too. There was an Italian typesetting teacher I was obsessed with, but once she made me so deceitful, I threw a typewriter at her.

Ball Lucille, Love, Lucy

The ‘I Love Lucy’ star said she was neglected

Ball’s youngest brother, Fred, was born four months after her father’s death. She said she was “given a lot of attention” after the birth. This made her jealous of her little brother.

“It’s always hard to go from being a single child to having a brother or sister in the house,” wrote Ball. “Since my father had just died, I’m sure I was particularly aware of the great deal that was done to the new baby.”

The relationship between Ball and her brother improved and she fell in love. “I was the tomboy and the daredevil, not Freddy,” Ball wrote. “By the time I was 12 and Freddy 8, I loved it, and I had never changed my mind. ”

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