‘I Dream of Jeannie’: Why Barbara Eden Said Larry Hagman Was Like ‘A Very Talented, Troubled Child’

Barbara Eden and Larry Hagman on the set 'I Dream of Jeannie'
Barbara Eden and Larry Hagman on the set ‘I Dream of Jeannie’ | NBCU / NBCUniversal Photo Bank via Getty Images via Getty Images

Barbara Eden and Larry Hagman, 1960s comedy stars hit In Jeannie’s Dream, are good friends especially after the series ends.

During the run of the show, however, due to various circumstances surrounding Hagman in particular, Eden found it difficult to work with a partner.

She recounted in her memoir in 2011, Jeannie out of the bottle, how exactly the actor who played Major Anthony Nelson could experience the show.

Hagman’s feelings were volatile at the time of filming

In her memory, Eden saw the crew and crew of the show at the mercy of Hagman’s feelings from one day to the next. It was hard, according to the actor, to know what Larry Hagman was going to appear on the set.

The actor described one such incident in which a guest director made filming the team almost impossible, stopping and starting scenes to the point where nothing was finished. Finally, at a stop in filming Eden hid away to have a good cry – and saw a vulnerable side to Hagman.

“At rest in the film, I ran off the set and hid behind a scene, far from all action,” she wrote.

Waking up, Eden described Hagman as “the one I last found in my hiding place. He gently arms me and says, ‘Don’t cry, Barbara. That is my act! ‘”

The Jeannie the star was moved by Hagman ‘s confession and openness to her, “touching that Larry is so kind to me, and I was surprised that he is so honest about his emotional frustrations, which sometimes came to the fore. end with crying in front of everything. from us. ”

How the ‘I Dream of Jeannie’ team handled Hagman ‘s behavior

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The show team was as patient as they could be with Hagman, so they weren’t. From time to time, according to Eden, they would come to a practical joke to let off some smoke.

“Once Larry asked for a cup of tea,” wrote Eden, “the team, relieved by his height and wanted a re-enactment of a scene he didn’t like. that particular part of the script, add salt in his tea instead of sugar. ”

Hagman “spat the tea out in disgrace,” and the team laughed out loud and “they might have been praised if they could have been, they liked poor Larry.”

The show star was behaving like a child, Eden said

Hagman, the son of Broadway star Mary Martin, behaved in a way that did not contribute productively to the comedy series. It was just getting a bad reputation.

As well as just complaining about scripts, Eden wrote, her co-star also began to attract attention throughout the set to make a point.

“In his memories, Larry said he didn’t remember the I Dream of Jeannie years, but it’s hard for me to believe, given the height of his explosive shenanigans, ”Eden wrote.

“At one memorable moment, when Larry didn’t like a particular script, his response was to throw up all over the set. Nerves? Acting mode? I didn’t hold out long enough to get out, but I took shelter in the sanctuary of my dressing room.

“In many ways, Larry was like a talented, troubled child whose tantrums were gaining the upper hand over his self-control. ”

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