How to Stream ‘The Carrie Diaries’ For Free

For fans who just can’t get enough Sex in the city Carrie Bradshaw, Na CW’s Carrie’s Diary offering a new perspective on the legendary show through the eyes of a younger titular character. This prequel follows the adventures of Bradshaw’s teenager, trying to establish herself after moving to New York to begin her career. Released in 2013, this show brought more fans and viewers new to the story that ended with the original show in 2004 and was followed in 2008 and 2010 by two films. While fans have enjoyed seeing the beginning of the story about their favorite columnist in New York, many were saddened to hear in 2019 that Netflix had taken the series away. Don’t panic though, check below to see where Carrie’s Diary Free streaming is available online.

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Why prequel?

Feis and the City wrapped up in a very neat tidy up in his 2010 film of the same name. Fans, however, were after more information about Carrie Bradshaw’s Sarah Jessica Parker character. Parker ‘s performance in the original series had been very popular, and the appearance of a prequel to explore its roots seemed like a natural progression.

Based on the Candace Bushnell series of books, written by the original Feis and the City book, Carrie’s Diary intends to explore the character, but also to attract a new audience. According to the younger characters, the CW chose to run the series, taking advantage of their already niche market of teen-based drama and comedy. The show went on to get mixed reviews, and while it was hugely popular with fans, it never found a basis in the rankings that producers were expecting.

Enough for the network

Carrie’s Diary they received mixed reviews from critics in season one, but were well received Sex and City Fences who felt the show was an appropriate fan of the image series. While season two was surprisingly revised by critics, it was perhaps a little too late for the CW, who saw a decline in viewership from the first season.

The show was not updated for the third season and released its final program in January 2014, much to the disappointment of lead writer Amy B. Harris, who had big plans for where the show could take place. -series. She said E! in an interview in 2014 about how she planned to introduce the rest of the characters from the first one and what her plans were for Carrie. She knew execution was possible, saying in the interview “I love the last episode of season two and I know that Carrie was alone in NYC with the surprise and horror that comes with it. I always knew that the last program, which I hoped was just the end of a season, could be a series final if it came to an end. ”

Where you should look for free

While fans were disappointed that the show was removed from Netflix in 2019, all hope is not lost. While the CW let fans down by not updating this show for the third season, they make up for it in a small way. Both seasons of Carrie’s Diary now available on An CWwebsite for free streaming.

While viewers still hope to introduce new installments to Carrie Bradshaw’s life at some point, at least for now they’ll see the full run of her teen events online. Make Cosmo yourself and settle in for the show, and find out how Carrie Bradshaw fans know she started it.

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