How Many Kids Does ‘Chicago P.D.’ Actor Jason Beghe Have?

Chicago PD, created by renowned television producer Dick Wolf, one of the most popular shows on network television. The show has been running on NBC for seven seasons and has been updated for a further three seasons. Enthusiastic fans of the show will not have to wait long to see the popular program, as the 8th season premiere of the season is set for November 11, 2020. As well as the exciting scenes and interpersonal drama, it is one one of the main reasons for the show is the popularity of the beloved characters such as Detective Sergeant Henry Voight, often referred to as Hank.

Voight is played by former actor Jason Beghe, who has been a major television star since his portrayal of the tough but loving detective. Throughout his life, Beghe has had both fascinating and off-screen experiences, including friendships with John F. Kennedy Jr., and several years in the Church of Scientology. These experiences, and his role as Hank, have fascinated many fans of the Chicago franchise to wonder about the actor’s personal life.

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Who is Jason Beghe playing on ‘Chicago PD? ‘

Chicago PD and his sister shows Fire Chicago and Chicago Med, followed the professional and personal lives of Chicago’s valiant public servants as they strive to make their city safer and a better place to live. PD. focusing on the tests and obedience of the 21st Chicago District Information Unit.

The unit is commanded by Sergeant Hank, Beghe’s character, who was first introduced Fire Chicago and has been a key player in PD The unit’s gruff and respectful director, Beghe is known for its sleek exterior that covers its soft and lovely interior. He also has a rather sad background, as his wife and son have died in the show, but he has a family in the foster daughter Erin Lindsay (Sophia Bush). The character is popular with fans, which has made many viewers even more amazed about the actor who plays the heroic character and who likes him.

Beghe’s romantic moment

Beghe is known for her solo voice and prominent roles in several films and television. He is also best known for his marriage to model and actress Angie Janu. Janu ‘s career as a short – lived actress was short – lived, as she was credited with just one role in the 1997 film Too good to be true. Janu and Beghe got married in 2000, and separated in 2017. Beghe started the separation, saying the two have incredible differences. An extremely private individual, Janu has not made any public comments regarding Beghe or their separation. The couple’s divorce officially came out in 2020, and the former couple share their bank accounts, and now share the custody of their two children.

How many children does Beghe have?

When they married, Beghe and Janu had two sons together, Bix and Bo Bear Beghe. These two are the only two Beghe has ever had, and Janu was the only person the actress has ever married. according to People, the two are now teenagers, and their parents are not allowed to talk ill about each other with the children. Neither Beghe nor Janu has said anything negative about the other in the media, which shows that the divorce is friendly and that the two will be able to make a co-parent of their two sons.

The now-divorced couple have split their property, and Beghe is likely to keep their home in Chicago, Illinois, apparently to continue filming in their career Chicago PD, and Janu became the owner of both Malibu, California properties. So far, the 60-year-old Beghe is not dating anyone after his divorce and instead is aiming for the coming seasons of Chicago PD.

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