How ‘Gilmore Girls’ Cast Melissa McCarthy Before She Got Big

Melissa McCarthy, who played good friend Lorelai Sookie St. James on Gilmore’s daughters, since then he has appeared in major comedy films such as Bridesmaids, Tammy, The Heat, and Spy. How McCarthy got her first big break Gilmore’s daughters?

‘Gilmore Girls’ Melissa Melissa McCarthy starred years before she started in the film

Melissa McCarthy, member of Gilmore Girls
Melissa McCarthy, star of the Gilmore’s daughters, at Groundling Theater | Myung J. Chun / Los Angeles Times through Getty Images

After MADtv and Family Guy star Alex Borstein had to return from playing Sookie on it Gilmore’s daughters, the throwing directors had a mission: to find a new Sookie. It’s not just anyone in Hollywood who could pick up the character’s gloomy panic mixed with lovable intent.

Mara Casey and Jami Rudofsky, who created Amy Sherman-Palladino to throw the show, recalled that experience in an interview on Guys Gilmore, a discussion podcast about it Gilmore’s daughters.

“Back then, the throwing was different, and hearings were different,” Casey explained. However, Casey told the podcast guests that she remembers just whether this was the first time she saw McCarthy ‘s headshot – as well as “that whole experience. ”

Casey recalled sitting in her trailer, looking at that McCarthy headline, which was “not completely in focus, her head was to one side,” shot in “black and white. ”However, the Gilmore’s daughters The director was delighted to turn over the image and “see a lot of humor and comedy.”

According to Casey, McCarthy was one of the actors who experimented for Gilmore’s daughters for which Sherman-Palladino could write to, rather than just for. Because she – and others like Liz Torres and Sally Struthers – brought so much of their own personality to their careers. The throwing director explained:

All of those actors who came in and had the very thing that Amy responded to as well and then immediately, were like ‘I can write to this. ‘… All those people who were, for her, just as fun to write for.

The cast directors remember Melissa McCarthy’s season 1 lab

The team of Gilmore girls
The cast of Gilmore’s daughters | Warner Bros./Delivered by Online USA

Rudofsky described McCarthy’s Gilmore laboratory for Sookie to Vanity Fair, remembering how she blew the room away:

We read a lot of amazing women – a lot. But then Melissa McCarthy walked in, and yes Melissa McCarthy. She has a comedy gold, and she brought things to the character that were so ingenious. Her comedy was physical, everything she did above and beyond, and that’s it.

“It was the first time I couldn’t get through a dissertation because I was laughing so hard,” Casey said.

“We read a ton of people. Great people, ”said Rudofsky Guys Gilmore, as a replica of her previous idea. “But then Melissa McCarthy came in.”

The Gilmore’s daughters cast directors were thrilled to add McCarthy’s charm and comedy gems to the cast, long before anyone else in Hollywood saw her.

“What I feel is so special and I’m so proud, do I feel like we got it,” Casey explained on the podcast. “… We got her style, her world.”

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