How Barbra Streisand Shocked ‘South Park’ Creator After He Mocked Her

South Park has made fun of a number of celebrities, however, only so many of these celebrities have commented on their portrayal. Barbra Streisand was one of the celebrities who commented on the way the show mocked her. This is why Streisand thought the show ‘s parody was bad for the world – and how it surprised one of the show’ s creators.

Barbra Streisand with eyeliner
Barbra Streisand | Silver Screen / Getty Images Collection

Why Barbra Streisand enjoys satire itself – but not ‘South Park’ satire

South Park has portrayed celebrities in many strange ways. For example, they portrayed Mel Gibson as a masochist who works as Daffy Duck and Kim Kardashian as a hobbit who uses PhotoShop to appear beautiful. In an early program called “MechaStreisand,” Streisand transforms into a mechanical dinosaur called “MechaStreisand. Other celebrities such as Leonard Maltin and Sidney Poitier will turn into giant robots in an attempt to defeat MechaStreisand, who is eventually defeated by a robot version of Robert Smith from The Cure. The program is a parent of Japanese monster movies like Godzilla! King of the monsters and Mothra.

The whole program, needless to say, is pretty silly. However, Streisand felt that the program was very toxic to children.

The South Park intro

How Barbra Streisand shocked one of the show’s creators

Spooky Vision was not the end of the connection to Streisand South Park. The creators of the South Park – Trey Parker and Matt Stone – wrote an album with the title Book of Mormon. During an interview with Esquire, Stone revealed that Streisand, a Broadway legend, appeared to see this special Broadway show. “And Barbra Streisand came last night,” Stone said. “The crew told me she was there, and I was like, ‘No f * cking way.’ ”The creators of South Park Streisand confused with one of their early jokes, however, Streisand defeated Stone by his own presence alone.

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