‘House Hunters’: The Reason Couples Never Agree Proves the Show is Fake

Fans of the show know how it goes. A couple described as a papier-mâché artist and part-time kitten rescue worker are looking for a house with a budget of $ 999,000. One wants a perfect kitchen for entertainment and the other wants the ultimate patio. They see the artisan, loft, and Victorian style, but one wants modernity while the other wants older.

Anyway, at least that’s what jokes are all about Hunters of houses ir. Yes, it’s reality TV, so it ‘s not like real life… but what level of drama is planned? And why the pairs seem to be on display always in disagreement?

Young couple walking down a side road with a realtor on House Hunters
House hunters HGTV / Discovery

For many, ‘House Hunters’ is the last thing on TV that deserves a rag

Even if the times can be a little formula, Hunters of houses he has plenty of diehard fans. Many talk about how easy it is to spend a whole day courting one program after another without getting tired.

The basic concept of the show is that a person, couple, or family looking for each one’s home displays their wish list and then goes to look at three potential properties. there. They visit the premises with a realtor and then after that, share the process on how they decided which one to choose. The show then goes back a few months later to see how they have settled into their new location.

It is a formula for a purpose

The show is almost deliberate. The prediction is that every program will be the same but also different than what comforts fans and keeps them going. People also like to see what couples talk about when trying to make a decision and then look at the following to see how they can personalize the situation. -place of their choice.

Fans have noticed that couples are almost never displayed on the same page

Fans are clearly like the formula nature of the show, but there are details that seem to repeat it for no reason. These include the fact that couples never seem to agree on what they are looking for, often digging their heels in on very specific or difficult-to-find features that make it difficult to find a perfect place. Alternatively, they hang on easily adjustable objects, such as light fixtures or paint colors. What will deliver?

Well, the producers have admitted that the reason is pretty simple: they ask participants to lie down! HGTV has taken full ownership of the fact that many of the elements of the show are completely misleading, including the ongoing disagreements between the couples. Sometimes they just ask couples to play out their differences (he wants a cave man, and she wants a gift wrapping room!) But other times they ask the couples to follow a script to tell the story. to make so sad.

Sometimes producers fudge some details to create drama

The lying certainly doesn’t stop with disagreements between couples. For one, people already own their home when they appear on it Hunters of houses, so the two extra shows are just misleading and the tour around their home is held. Sometimes the extra homes are found by realtors but other times it’s just people asking their close friends if they can take a tour and criticize their homes … what request, eh? Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. If it doesn’t, it probably won’t keep fans away!

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