Homer Simpson’s Voice Acting Error Was So Perfect That ‘The Simpsons’ Team Kept It in the Show

The Simpsons the lively skate sitcom that has been on the air for decades. As the longest running American sitcom, The Simpsons is a key part of many people’s childhood. Hilarious and poignant, The Simpsons has received high praise for sharp writing and clever character development. However, there have been more than a few errors in the creation of the show over the years, with one particular error leading to one of The Simpsonsmost iconic and humorous moments.

‘The Simpsons’ is one of the most influential comedies in the world

The Simpsons debuted on television in 1989. The show has a simple basis and follows the life of the Simpson fictional family, made up of Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie. Featuring an ensemble team of vocal talents, The Simpsons they received high praise in the early years of the series, and while it has been plagued by accusations of quality decline, fans still enjoy the show.

It has inevitably influenced pop culture, and several of Homer Simpson ‘s phrases have become part of the national language. Words like “yoink,” “D’oh!” and “meh” is very attractive now, especially thanks The Simpsons. He has also influenced many other television programs and films. Probably the strangest homage to him The Simpsons the fact that many fans believe that events in the show have predicted real world events. Over the past few years, several memes have made the tours online, he points out The Simpsons for predicting things like Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl performance and, more recently, coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19). However, many of these stories were spread.

Dan Castellaneta voices Homer Simpson

The Simpsons featuring a number of talented vocal actors, most notably Dan Castellaneta as the voice of Homer Simpson. Castellaneta has lent many vibrant products over the years, but his work is there. The Simpsons this is his most obvious role. He has given Simpson a voice for all three years The Simpsons, and has repeated his career in a number of spinoff and supporting works, including the feature film, and has been honored with several awards for his work as a character.

There is no doubt that Castellaneta puts a lot of work into perfecting Homer’s voice. However, one of his most notable moments actually comes from a mistake made by the voice actor in a recording session.

Dan Castellaneta’s voice acting error led to one of Homer Simpson’s funniest moments

Famous event of The Simpsons and “Homer going to college. ”The program, which is, according to IMDb, broadcast in the fifth season, reveals Homer ‘s discovery that he is not equipped to do his job at the power plant, which jumps out of his intentions to go to college and graduate. When Homer receives his letter of acceptance, he is so moved that he jumps around the house, accidentally setting fire to his house, as he sings “I am so glic! ”- mistaken the word“ smart ”in the process.

The moment where he misses “smart” is hugely popular with the show’s fans and still stands today as one of the highlights of Homer Simpson’s character journey. Interestingly enough, as fans on Reddit discussed, the moment was indeed a flub on Castellaneta’s part, as it sang “smrt” incorrectly instead of the correct spelling of the word. Exhibitors liked it so much that they kept it in the finished program – their decision was very good as fans are still talking about that particular program to this day.

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