‘His Dark Materials’: How Does Lyra’s Mom, Marisa Coulter, Control the Spectres?

Its dark materials season 2 ended with Ms. Marisa Coulter (Ruth Wilson) using lethal Specters to get to Lyra (Dafne Keen). But considering that she was only in the middle world for a short time, many spectators questioned how Marisa controlled the Specters and forced them to make her claims. The HBO series is a little different from Philip Pullman ‘s novels, so here’ s a breakdown of her abilities in both.

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers for the Season 2 finale of His Dark Materials.]

Ruth Wilson in 'His Dark Materials'
Ruth Wilson in ‘His Dark Materials’ | HBO

‘His Dark Materials’ is based on the books, but there are a few minor differences

Its dark materials it is a variation of Pullman’s fantasy trilogy of the same name, incl The Golden Compass, The subtle knives, and The Amber Spyglass. The show is very similar to the books, but changes from the original material to accommodate a TV audience.

“It’s not that big of a shock … but it’s a series of micro-beats that, perhaps, challenge the basics in a more interesting way,” series writer Jack Thorne told the media as reported Radio Times.

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“What we always have is how we can best tell Philip’s story,” he continued. “We’re not trying to do anything different from the books. We’re just trying to feed the TV language into those books. And so sometimes we step away and do different things – but we always go back to the text and say how this will help us tell his best story. ”

In her book ‘His Dark Materials’, Ms. Coulter describes her control of the Specters.

In Pullman’s books, after Ms. Coulter first meets the Specters, she tells Boreal that she could convince them that she could give them more prey. And before she meets the Specters, they can’t fly. But through her interaction, they learn to fly.

But her use of the Specters is the same in the books and the Its dark materials Television series. In both, Marisa uses the creatures to kill the witch, Lena Feldt (Remmie Milner), when she is found betraying her in Cittagazze. She also manipulates the Specters to find Lyra and kill the witches who guard her.

On the HBO series, Marisa suggests that it is her transmission powers that control the Specters

While Pullman ‘s books suggest that Marisa deceived the Specters with the idea of ​​finding more souls for them to eat, the Its dark materials TV series made her power over them more instinctual.

When Carlo Boreal (Ariyon Bakare) asks her how she chased them, she says this has to do with her detachment ability.

“They eat what makes us human, so I hid that from them,” Marisa tells him. “I’m surrendering myself. ”

Viewers saw Marisa’s abstract abilities earlier in the season when she traveled a long distance without her demon. And the victims of the Specters look and act very much like the separated children in season 1 – alive, but like a zombie. So seeing this, Marisa may have figured out how their connection works.

Hopefully fans will get more responses in season 3 of Its dark materials. And for those looking for a deeper perspective, Pullman’s book, The subtle knives, a good place to start.

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