Hilary Duff Confessed She Bombed Her ‘Lizzie McGuire’ Audition — ‘I Did a Terrible Job’

For a whole generation growing up on Disney Channel, Lizzie McGuire an essential part of childhood and adolescence. The Hilary Duff-led show immediately entered the Hollywood A-List.

However, if you ask her and the creators, her lab didn’t go well. Duff spoke about his early days in the show business and how she got the job despite being a “terrible” lab.

Hilary Duff starts

Hilary Duff to appear on the set of 'Younger' in Midtown on November 11, 2020 in New York City.
Hilary Duff | Photos by James Devaney / GC

Previously Lizzie McGuire, Duff had few beliefs his name. Her first on-screen album was an anonymous addition to the television series Real women.

Her most important breakdown, however, came when she gained the upper hand Casper meets Wendy. The direct-to-video film, which focused on everyone’s favorite ghost and his new witch friend, became a mainstay on Disney Channel and ABC Family.

By the time 2001 came along, however, Duff was getting in for a try on a new comedy series about a girl who was leading her way through middle school. While she had a connection thanks to her previous work, Duff had to influence the producers if she wanted a chance to do so. However, she did not do this with her acting.

The test that changed her life

When the series was at the design stages, Disney looked great. Lindsay Lohan, who has not yet received her recovery with thanks Mean girls and several other projects, as one of the choices made by the channel for the role.

However, the manufacturers decided to go through a testing process. With Duff’s recent growth, this process could be expected to be a classic story.

Duff did not please the producers with her acting ability. She fell over lines and forgot to read some at an early stage. However, what the producers liked was her body image of the title Lizzie McGuire.

They just didn’t want an actress. They wanted a real teenager who could provide some proof and show her personality in more ways than just line reading.

“I did an awful job,” Duff said in an interview with E! News (all BuzzFeed). “I hadn’t read my lines.”

Duff was listening for several performances at once, so she couldn’t put her heart and soul into the script. Fortunately, she commented on the show’s creator, Terri Minsky. Minsky gave Duff some advice that helped turn the tide.

“I was very honest about it and I said [to Duff], ‘You have to get more in the character,’ ”Minsky told E! News (all BuzzFeed). “Because I knew there were so many [talent] there. ”

The council worked. Duff got the job. However, after impressing producers with her earliest accomplishments, they asked the series to hire an acting coach who would help get rid of some of the wrinkles in the show. comas. Before long, Duff wasn’t just the star of Disney’s most successful series. She was on her way to the A-List.

Hilary Duff became a household name thanks to ‘Lizzie McGuire’

Duff went from a relatively unknown actor to an up-and-comer Disney Channel, to an outside image in just a year or two. She immediately became a hot product not only at Disney Channel, where she regularly worked for movies of the month but on the big screen.

Duff later made a number of catchy films Lizzie McGuire’s success, including The story of Cinderella and the big screen version of Lizzie McGuire that was also the end of it.

While Duff fell out of the public for a while, she recently returned Younger, a TV series that ran from 2015 to 2019. But, to a whole generation of Millennials, Duff will always be Lizzie McGuire.

she is slate to reproduce the role on the new Disney + series, though the future is a mystery right now after the first filming was cut short due to unknown issues with Minsky.

When the show first appears, it will be a full-circle moment for Duff, who started it all with a botched lab.

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