Here Are the 4 Scariest Scenes From ‘American Horror Story: Murder House’

Murder House bribe off the The American Horror Story franchise, giving fans of the Harmons and their house of horrors. There is a rubber suit, a medium right suit, a demon baby, and one premise that binds them all together.

Here are some of the weakest moments from season 1 of The American Horror Story.

Violet and Tate frighten the drug-abusing schoolgirl

When Tate hears that Violet is being bullied at school, he has a plan to scare her. If they scare her enough, he says, she won’t bother Violet anymore. The goal is to get into the basement where Tate does something.

But when Violet takes her over, though, she’s more scared than Violet expected. Something strange is coming out of the darkness and scratching it. When Violet sees this girl again, she has gray hair from all weights.

When ‘Piggy Piggy’ comes to life

One of Ben Harmon’s patients is having a bit of trouble with scary stories. This fear comes from the brutality of childhood, and he understands it, but that doesn’t make him so scared when he’s home alone. Thanks to one story, in particular, he was unable to look in the mirror.

That’s the story of one creature who is half-pig, half-man when you look in the mirror and call him a name. When this man finally decides to get over the fear, it turns out, the fear is a kind of justification.

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The rubber man forces Vivien

After a rough year and a rough transition process, Vivien and Ben finally make up. Their reproduction of the making session, however, involves a secret rubber suit. What’s scary is that fans know this isn’t Vivien’s man.

While this is happening, her husband is downstairs, holding his hands over the stove. That then begs the question – who is in the rubber suit? As the character gets pregnant, the next question is, what is the living status of a father for Vivien’s baby?

This “Rubber Man” returns for some of the season’s events Apocolypse, with other characters from Murder House returning to show fans what happened to Tate, Violet, and the rest of the ghosts in this mansion.

Jessica Lange reaches the premiere of FX's 'American Horror Story: Murder House'
Jessica Lange reaches the premiere of ‘American Horror Story: Murder House’ | Photos by Michael Buckner / Getty

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The repeat home attack

Violet is having a few problems with her family, but all is taken for granted when three strangers break into their home. They are happy with one murder that took place there, and want to recreate it with Violet and her mother. These two are very heroic when they have to be.

Some seasons of The American Horror Story, including AHS: Murder House, available for streaming on Hulu. More news on the show’s 10th season, and its spinoff American Horror Stories, it is likely to be announced in the coming months.

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