Here Are the 4 Scariest Scenes From ‘American Horror Story: Hotel’

This season is all about one haunted hotel full of ghosts, vampires, and murder. Lady Gaga is also there as one of the main characters, however, making it a favorite season among The American Horror Story fans.

Here are some of the weakest moments of the fifth season of this awesome series, titled Hotel.

The first crime scene of the ‘Ten Commandments Killer’ (Episode 1)

This season of The American Horror Story a very strong and impressive start, thanks to a new outdoor serial killer on the run.

This one, which observers discover, kills based on the Ten Commandments and that involves taking one’s eyes out and sticking it in. to a dead woman as punishment for adultery.

Singer / actress Lady Gaga, winner of the award for best actress performance in a limited edition or motion picture made television for 'American Horror Story: Hotel'
Singer / actress Lady Gaga, winner of the award for best actress performance in a limited edition or motion picture made television for ‘American Horror Story: Hotel’ | Steve Granitz / WireImage

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The Worrying Demon Addiction Murder Streak (Episode 1)

The rooms of the Cortez Hotel have their own horrors. For one visitor, however, his end was not the result of a bad trip. When he is alone in his room, the drug addict Gabriel is killed by the “Demon Addiction,” which sods the victims.

Hypodermic Sally, one of the characters associated with the Hotel Cortez, comes to his “rescue” type. She asks him to water him that he loves her and he will leave.

Of course, that ends with “dying,” but at least she puts him out of misery while she’s crying beside him in bed. During one interview with Weekly entertainment, show creator Ryan Murphy himself described this particular scene as “the most worrying scene we’ve ever done” up to that point.

The Detective finds the true Room 64 (Episode 8)

John Lowe has been throughout this series of murder cases, finding the first victim missing his eyes in the first episode. He begins to reunite when Sally takes John to his old room, the room where he saw his stolen son, room 64.

John thinks it ‘s almost a joke until Sally reveals a secret door and room 64 is the very room that James Patrick kept as an office. In the room at the back of the room were the body parts of many of the victims, including those that Detective Lowe was so fortunate to come across.

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A Closer Look at the Vampires’ ‘Play Room’ (Episode 2)

The Lady Gaga character is not the only vampire in this series. The Countess had a few children who turned into vampires, spending the rest of their days in the Cortez Hotel.

It’s not all boring there, though. These characters have their own little section of the hotel where they can play candy and eat all day.

Some seasons of The American Horror Story, including Hotel, available for streaming on Hulu. More news on the show’s 10th season, and its spinoff American Horror Stories, it is likely to be announced in the coming months.

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