‘Helstrom’: Marvel Fans Aren’t Upset the Show Only Lasted 1 Season

Marvel has recently announced a handful of upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe shows for Disney +, but it may be a while before anyone gets to see them.

Until their first appearance though, Marvel fans can grab years of Marvel TV, with shows like Daredevil, SHIELD Agents, and technically speaking, Helstrom. While these Marvel TV shows are technically part of the MCU, it has always been a one-sided connection. That’s largely because although they’re all located in the MCU, these shows were made by Marvel TV rather than Marvel Studios.

Marvel TV fans don’t like Marvel for many reasons, and of course, Marvel TV is so popular that few fans were surprised by that. Helstrom was canceled after just one season.

What Marvel TV is and how it differs from Marvel Studios

After Disney bought Marvel in late 2009, Disney created a new division within Marvel called Marvel Television. As the name implies, Marvel TV was supposed to create the TV shows located in the MCU, while Marvel Studios planned to create the movies in the MCU. That said, Marvel TV had a different leadership than Marvel Studios.

Following the celestial success of the MCU, Kevin Feige became the director of Marvel Studios, while Jeph Loeb headed Marvel TV. While these two divisions of Marvel worked together on a number of things, it quickly became apparent that there was a big difference in the quality of their products. As a result, fans hated Marvel TV, while Marvel Studios was popular.

Why Marvel fans hate Marvel TV

Kevin Feige
Kevin Feige | Jesse Grant / Getty Images for Disney

As Marvel fans talked about it Reddit, to be fair to Marvel TV and Loeb, they did a lot of good things too. Marvel fans loved him Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and SHIELD Agents among other things, and many fans are completely satisfied with how Marvel TV handled the throwback options for these shows.

But of course, Marvel TV has made a lot of bad choices, too. Fans said it was Peter Shinkoda, an actor who played a key role Daredevil, accusing Loeb of mistreating him and his character during the ceremony. Moreover, while the history of the MCU has been largely spotless, Marvel TV has done a lot of bad shows.

For example, not many fans liked them Iron Fist, The defenders, no Inhumans. And unfortunately for Helstrom, there were a lot of fans who didn’t think either Helstrom very well. Things are even worse for Marvel’s animated side, and a Marvel fan said on Reddit that Loeb had “butchered” Marvel’s animated side.

Marvel fans are not surprised that ‘Helstrom’ and Marvel TV are dead

For those reasons and more, many Marvel fans on Reddit weren’t just horrified by the news that Hulu has been shut down Helstrom after one season. Other Marvel fans were surprised by this cancellation, but for the wrong reasons. For example, one fan said they didn’t even know Helstrom technically it was an MCU show, but as another fan put it, that was for a reason.

That Marvel fan wrote, “To be fair, even Marvel has gone away by itself because Marvel is not even part of the branding or the name. There were many reasons why Marvel did that, but the most similar explanation had to be the connection between Marvel TV and Marvel Studios.

As fans talked about, Marvel TV is officially dead, and in fact, it died in late 2019. Disney just decided to link Marvel TV to Marvel Studios, and this gave Feige control on both of them. That’s why fans aren’t upset Helstrom no Marvel TV death.

Thanks to this integration, Feige now has control of Marvel shows, which is why so many fans are excited for these future MCU shows on Disney +.

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