HBO Max: How Theaters Might Try to Undercut Streaming Releases

HBO Max probably created the biggest entertainment story of the year on December 3. After the first release of Wonder Woman 1984 coming to the streaming service on Dec. 25, Warner Bros. released. bombshell. Now, all of its 2021 movie releases would come to the service for a limited time, in addition to theaters.

The move sparked horrific movements throughout the industry and once the initial bustle subsided, the backlash was reversed. Filmmakers had clearly seen that their projects were turned into a fodder stream without their support or permission. Perhaps more, theater-goers were lively, seeing the movement as the biggest attack yet on the ongoing operation.

Theaters measure revenge against HBO Max

HBO Max streams Dune
Timothee Chalamet in ‘Dune,’ coming soon to HBO Max. | Chiabella James / Warner Bros.

Since its launch in May, HBO Max has been slow to grow. Original presentations as Love life and Built by Wolves has seen success, but the service has added just 12.6 million subscribers since December, Date reports. The blame for this slow start has been on everything from streaming fat to the difficulty of getting HBO Now subscribers to turn over their accounts.

Movie viewers are almost certain to pull off a film coming to the stage in 2021. The design releases include major blockbusters such as The Suicide Squad and Am Matrix 4, as well as smaller, star – studded offers such as The little things with Denzel Washington and Cry Macho by Clint Eastwood.

The service will also see an influx of DC Comics high-definition changes starting next year. This includes big budget shows based on Green Lantern and Dark Justice League, as well Justice League Zack Snyder, cut of 2017’s Justice League extended to four-program miniseries by Snyder himself.

HBO Max will also receive performances from DC Universe as the pivots platform away from original shows. This will introduce new seasons of Titans, Doom Patrol, Harley Quinn, and Youth Justice.

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