HBO Max Has One Annoying Quirk It Won’t Tell You About

HBO Max is getting ready to go into high gear as two large pieces fall into place. On Christmas Day, the service will appear for the first time Wonder Woman 1984, its largest special release to date, and one surefire to attract a large audience. WarnerMedia recently ended its cold war with Roku and got the service on the devices of the latter, which are the most popular streaming devices on the market.

All of this is expected to come together to be a major boost for the HBO Max store, which has declined since its launch. While the platform has plenty of content to offer, it currently has one quirk that could be annoying for users who are not ready for it.

Coming and going, HBO Max can hardly decide

HBO Max logo. | Dogukan Keskinkilic / Anadolu Group through Getty Images

This definitely causes headaches for users who want to watch a particular show or movie, just to find out that it goes off HBO Max without warning. The full list is available, but most mainstream users don’t want to consult a webpage every month to see what they need to get around too quickly.

For example, the Last Chance section currently lists major releases as Gladiator, the Matrix trilogy, an Powers of Austin trilogy, and Madagascar 3 how to leave before Dec. 31. However, if you look at HBO’s original special list, you’ll find that movies are similar Five fast, Terrible bosses, and Contagion also leaving.

For now, the issue is largely reserved for movies, which often circulate between streaming services. TV shows that are not wholly owned by streaming services usually last for years at a time, so don’t worry about South Park binge gets a short cut out of the blue.

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