Haley Dunphy Had Her Own Web Series During ‘Modern Family’ Before Things Went Seriously Wrong

With over 50,000 visitors coming to its page, it is fair to say that Haley Dunphy ‘s fashion video blog, (featured at one program of Modern family,) successful. The reason for its success, however, is not so great. It is until Alex Dunphy asserts that Haley realizes she has made a mistake.

Haley Dunphy has always had an interest in fashion

Each Dunphy child has their own particular interests. For Alex, that’s science and maths. For Luke, that makes movies with his father and his friends. Haley Dunphy, the eldest of the children, has been interested in fashion and manufacturing.

While in this series, Haley fans saw her dream come true in a number of different ways. She worked briefly at a fashion magazine, although her boss was very curious. Fans never knew what Haley wanted, but the character went to college during season 4 of the comedy series.

During one perfect summer at Dunphys, (the first program of season 6,) each of them set out to try to follow their sufferings. Alex went to build houses. Phil got back to his magic. Haley decided her love for online fashion, starting her own web show.

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Her fashion video blog was an instant success, gaining thousands of viewers in just a few months

Haley’s fashion video blog is virtually instantaneous. Her series won over 50,000 visitors, which is impressive considering she started that summer. Some of the pieces she made included showing off her outfit, as fans see her explain a zipper during one vlog.

Not to mention, her hair has looked elegant, so that could be the reason she has so many registrars. Unfortunately, Alex explains the real reason for Haley ‘s greatness when she comes home from volunteering.

Alex Dunphy highlighted why the Haley series was so popular

With Alex Dunphy away all summer, no one in the house wanted to point out small mistakes. Someone left the loft window open, Phil and Luke left the leaves on their rhubarb, which is very poisonous.

At one point, Alex notices the green light on Haley’s laptop. She asks her sister if she is signing her to humiliate her. Haley is a little confused – she thought that when you changed web pages, the camera turned off. Alex tells her that’s not true and everyone has seen it all.

At the end of the segment, the audience even saw some parts of the web show. That involved Haley staring out in front of her mirror, Claire trying on her top, and Phil pouring plum juice all over her shirt. Things times of Modern family available for streaming on Hulu.

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