‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Will Maggie and Winston’s Happiness Last?

If you haven’t shouted over your favorite couple Anatomy Gray however, you are one of the few. The show seems to enjoy the drama of breakups, making some fans fear how happy couples are. It has become clear over the years that a couple is not safe Anatomy Gray. Now, fans are worried about the happiness of Maggie and Winston ‘s happiness, especially when fans are still upset about a breakup years ago.

Famous Romans ‘Gray’s Anatomy’

The best ones Anatomy Gray romances, and the worst ones. Unfortunately, the best pairs on display eventually end up in a break-up or sometimes worse – death situation. Fate to one side, two celebrities Anatomy Gray romances had tuned fans to the screen.

First, the chemistry is undoubtedly between Mark and Lexie. Mark tried to fight at first, but none could escape long. Their relationship went up and down, but in the end it was realistic and agreed with fans. One Reddit fans note that writers may have written Mark out of the show because of “the whole sentimental thing [with Lexie, and] they did not want to repair it again. “The fan said to him,“ I’m so glad I didn’t see him end up with someone else [to be honest]. ”

Then there’s April and Jackson, who had so much potential. It was a rollercoaster romance, for sure. But, Reddit fans are still shouting, “April and Jackson should have been at the final! ”

The show often breaks the hearts of viewers and separates happy couples

Considering the bad luck Anatomy Gray happy couples have had fans in the past, no wonder some worry for Maggie and Winston. At first, Reddit fans express their delight at the growing relationship, says “Maggie [is] finally being seen and loved by who she is ”and“ I’m just glad Maggie and Winston are together. ”

However, the inevitability seems to be approaching, considering happy couples are always parting in the show. So much so that another fan says that “watching the scenes together makes me so anxious. Shaking the joy around is like a red snare to the bull of tragedy. ”

Fans are everywhere waiting for the bomb to fall, the mystery to come out, the crash to happen, or something just as difficult to happen. While we hope it doesn’t happen, fans can’t help but think that Winston’s secret has been hidden from Maggie who breaks the little bubble of joy!

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