‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Which Beloved Character Had the Happiest Exit From the Show?

Anatomy Gray This seems to be one of the most popular shows on television.

First appearing on the way back in 2005, the show has entertained fans and the amazing stories will never disappoint. Just like with any other television program, Anatomy Gray some characters have come and gone, and they all leave on different terms. Season to season, it’s hard to predict what will happen and with whom, and fans are often amazed by what expands.

While it’s true that everyone has their favorite characters, there are times when many people agree that something is happening that just fell into place. It ‘s often a bit frustrating when a popular character leaves a TV show on difficult terms, but fortunately, this was not the case for one of the Anatomy Gray thrown.

Let’s talk about which loving character got the happiest event.

Who are Arizona Robbins?

MARTIN HENDERSON, SARAH DREW, KELLY MCCREARY, JESSICA CAPSHAW | Kelsey McNeal / Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

Arizona Robbins was part of the main team, represented by actress Jessica Capshaw. Starting with the time she spent on Anatomy Gray in the fifth season, Arizona was head of pediatric surgery and actually went out of her way to connect with the children she was treating.

One of the most important things about Arizona is the fact that it represented the LGBTQ community through its relationship with Callie Torres, and fans couldn’t have liked it anymore. according to Fandom, the doctor had several nicknames during her time on the show, including “Roller Skate Girl”, and “Dr. Sweetheart ”, two titles that went perfectly with her personality and gender.

Arizona has gone through some very complex situations over the years – including being involved in a serious plane crash and cutting its leg as a result. She also had a number of intense romantic storytelling, and many people were overjoyed when she suffered a bout with depression. Overall, Capshaw brought the character to life in her own unique way and is known for being optimistic and so comfortable.

Her Journey from ‘Gray’s Anatomy’

While it’s safe to say that most people were horrified by Arizona, sadly, her time in the hospital ended a few years ago. It turns out that Capshaw knew just how much she admired her character and went so far as to say she was “in lazy love” by playing Arizona. So why did the actress leave the show?

It turns out that it was written out of the program, as reported by People. The event took place at the end of season 14 and was based on the show’s creative direction. According to the representative of the Anatomy Gray, Shonda Rhimes, “It’s always hard for me to say goodbye to any of my characters.” She added that Capshaw will “always be part of our Shondaland family.”

Why were fans happy with how the Arizona story came to an end?

While there was much disappointment to see it go, fans were certainly delighted with how Arizona’s story came to an end. She and Callie’s daughter Sophia received the same care, but after some compromise, Arizona and her ex-wife decided to share the time with her. It wasn’t until Callie moved to New York that Arizona and her mentor decided to open a new health center, and fans were hopeful Callie and Arizona could reconnect the relationship.

She decided to move to New York, and, accordingly Reddit, “This is the end the character deserved.”

Viewers may seem to agree that Arizona got a nice departure for sure and it was wonderful to see the amazing things that happened on the show.

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