‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Meredith Grey’s Roommate Poster From Season 1 Foreshadowed Her Future

Anatomy Gray has undergone many changes through the 17 years it has been on the air. But despite the characters coming in and out and the storylines changing, one thing has remained the same, Meredith Gray’s house. Her home, donated by her mother, Ellis Gray, has been a meeting place for characters throughout the 17 seasons. Her role in season 1 even followed a lot about the character.

Kate Burton and Ellen Pompeo
Ceit Burton and Ellen Pompeo Scott Garfield / Walt Disney TV via Getty Images

Meredith House

In season 1, Meredith had just moved into her mother’s house to begin her career at Seattle Grace hospital (now Gray Sloan Memorial). She initially planned to pack her mother’s belongings and sell the house, but decided to stay and got Ellis to sign the home. She posted a message for roommates and Izzie Stevens and George O ‘Malley moved in. Callie Torres was even living there for a while when she dated George.

Alex Karev lived in the apartment for a few seasons. At one point, he even explained how important the house is to his wife, Jo Wilson.

“Listen, that house was always open,” he said of the show. “Even when Mer hated me, I would be there. People went through their crap, they needed a place to be, they came there. You should understand that better than anyone. While I’m here – it’ll be open, okay? ”

Meredith ‘s sister Lexie Gray spent time sleeping in the living room and later found her own room. Even Jackson Avery and April Kepner were living in the house shortly after the shooting.

Derek Shepherd lived in the house when he was married to Meredith and is now home to Meredith, her children, Maggie Pierce, and Amelia Shepherd.

Posting Meredith ‘s original room

After Meredith decides to stay at home, she starts looking for roommates by posting an ad.

“Rooms wanted,” the advert reads. “Two nice rooms with an instant shared pool, close to Seattle Grace. Close to coffee shop, public transport, shopping and convenience to almost everything. ”

Perhaps the next phrase is the most telling thing about Meredith’s personality.

“Try not to be just smokers, pets don’t have to & in fact Bush supporters don’t interfere. ”

This little Easter egg was a key idea of ​​how liberal and radical Meredith would be in the coming seasons. She went ahead with insurance fraud so that the child of immigrant parents received medical care and took a child from Malawi, among several other things.

Fans picked up on the message

Recently, Meredith’s roommate poster has been making the rounds Reddit and fans have been debating how big Meredith’s requirements were.

“It was a rather controversial idea when it came out!” write one user. “Back then, in 2005, Bush was the worst and most dangerous president we’ve seen in decades, and the Liberals were pouring out a heartfelt concern about him and his supporters. We were such sweet summer kids. ”

“I saw a post several months ago that compares Mer’s roommate’s poster to Arizona. It captures their personalities perfectly and is a great detail, ”wrote another.

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