‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Izzie Still Gets Too Much Hate for Her Biggest Mistake

Anatomy Gray they may be entering their 17th season, but with nearly 400 programs behind them, many of the most memorable moments are still slowing down even the most loyal fans.

One of those moments, all the way back in season two, saw Izzie Stevens Katherine Heigl throw morals to the wind by plucking the patient’s LVAD string to get him a heart transplant. Fans are still overwhelmed by everything that happened next.

Izzie Stevens stars Katherine Heigl

Katherine Heigl on 'Gray's Anatomy'
Katherine Heigl on ‘Gray’s Anatomy’ | Scott Garfield / Walt Disney TV via Getty Images

Katherine Heigl was already a hardworking actress when she was along with Gray’s Anatomy as Dr. Stevens. She dropped in a movie in 1992 with the name that Night and regularly found further employment in television and film thereafter. From Steven Seagal’s Under Chorus 2 to Bride Chucky, Heigl may not have been a household name yet, but she became a familiar face.

Her first major break came on the WB series Roswell, where she played Isabel Evans for three years until 2002. She then joined Gray’s Anatomy as Dr. Stevens, and everything changed. Heigl went from an actor who starred in an A-list star, appearing in films alongside some of Hollywood’s biggest names.

The character Dr. Her Stevens is a strong character that has allowed Heigl to expand herself as an actress. But, as her star rose, Heigl decided to move on from the show that made her famous.

She keeps a busy record to this day, awaiting a premiere of Firefly Lane, an upcoming Netflix series based on the books by Kristin Hannah. Despite a long career, however, Heigl remains a Dr. Stevens to many fans Gray’s.

Izzie Stevens makes a fatal mistake

When Anatomy Gray It was first published in 2005, and the title Dr. Gray a group of interns, including Stevens at Heigl. However, as the show progressed, Izzie Stevens eventually became a doctor and the past was long and complicated. Stevens grew up in a trailer park, a building she reminded people time and time again when it was time to apologize.

After working as a model and trying to find a purpose in life, she finally fell in love with the medical community. As an insider, she was an ambitious employee who was not afraid to do what she thought was right or best in dangerous situations. While her love triangles and personal drama illuminated the character, this idea of ​​her work made her the most memorable.

When Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s Denny Duquette joined the team in an arc about a man waiting for a heart transplant, Dr. Stevens took an incredible and sabotage approach to bring him to the top of a cross list. -impose above someone else. This caused mystery, because no one knew who did it. Eventually, Dean’s character died despite the transmission of his heart, and Izzie was left with the burden of what she did.

This act still takes away fans who look back with disgrace on what she did.

Jumping shark

Any series that has been on the airwaves for so long Gray’s tied to shark jump a few times. Many see Stevens ’actions as the moment her character went from an established and believable presence to an outside concern. Reddit user u / EllidaIsabella he kicked the speech.

“I wish she hadn’t turned to a rug afterwards. She was great and then the LVAD wire happened and it all went downhill. ”

U / si-a explained, saying that although Stevens did something wrong, it was tantamount to other mistakes

“Izzie was an amazing character lol because she didn’t cut the LVAT wire differently from Christina who worked with Burke’s sick hands or [Meredith Grey] damaging litigation or stealing a child. ”

This was a sharp look. Dr. Burke at Isaiah Washington performed surgeries with a hand that was known for shaking thanks to the scheme by Dr. Cristina Yang. Plus, Gray has done some incredible things without too much falling. Nonetheless, Izzie ‘s achievements are still well – received over a decade after she left the show.

This is part of an application Gray’s anatomy. We do not always see fit doctors doing what is right. Although melodramatic, the show showcases the personal effects of each action and helps refresh even the most obscure characters.

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