‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Fans Criticize Haters for Claiming Arizona Isn’t Sofia’s Mom

Anatomy Gray clearly shows that not all families are biological, and as long as you love each other, you are a family.

The mother-daughter relationship between Arizona and Sofia is something to see. Arizona feeds Sofia as her biological daughter and even fights for the baby’s grip against her biological mother, Callie.

Haters of Arizona, referring to her as just a stepmother to Sofia, is considered, because the connection between the two is admirable. Anatomy Gray also reveals other families who are not related by blood but by love.

Arizona Relationship with Sofia on ‘Gray’s Anatomy’

JESSICA CAPSHAW as Arizona on 'Gray's Anatomy'
JESSICA CAPSHAW as Arizona on ‘Gray’s Anatomy’ | Richard Cartwright / Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

Sofia Torres is the biological daughter of Mark Sloan and Callie Torres. Arizona and Callie are married when Callie is pregnant with Sofia, leaving her as Sofia’s second mother.

Arizona embraces the baby, loves it, and plays all the roles of a separate mother. However, the relationship between Arizona and Callie hits the rocks, and frequent sessions of healing don’t help to overcome the dying love. The two get separated, and Callie moves on.

Penny and Callie decide to move to New York, and they want Sofia to join them. Arizona is not happy with the idea of ​​Sofia moving to a new city. She moves to court to battle for Sofia’s arrest. Legally, Arizona and Callie have equal rights to seize Sofia.

Callie’s lawyers try to destroy Arizona’s reputation by claiming she won’t look after her daughter the right way. They also say Arizona is releasing his daughter to go on official duties. However, the judge is compassionate and takes full care of Arizona over Sofia despite the fact that Callie is the biological mother.

Arizona is a conscious parent and allows Callie to see her daughter in a shared custody arrangement. Sofia moves to New York with Callie and Penny, but she wants to see her mother, Arizona. She travels back for a while to live with Arizona, but she wants to return to New York after a short time. Arizona decided to move to New York so that Sofia would have a chance to visit both mothers.

Derek and Meredith take on Zola

Zola Gray Shepherd is the eldest and oldest daughter of Meredith and Derek. Meredith and Derek have two other children, barley and Ellis. However, despite Zola being an adoptive child, she has equal love and treatment, and there is no way to claim that Meredith and Derek are not the birth parents.

Zola arrived in Seattle in the company of Alex Karev for treatment. Zola was born with a condition called spina bifida and often suffered from other illnesses.

Derek was among the first to examine the sick child. The spark between the two was visible after Derek held her, and she immediately stopped crying. Derek asked Meredith to take the baby, and she agreed.

Owen Hunt accepts Leo

Betty Nelson is Leo’s biological mother. Betty is addicted to drugs, and runs away from her parents’ home while pregnant; her parents are not ignorant of the pregnancy. She gives birth to Leo and a few months later, puts him in a nursing home.

Owen takes the baby for six months for examination. Amelia (who is in a relationship with Owen at the time) allows the baby and his mother to stay with them. Betty’s parents find out about the baby and want to take it with her.

However, Owen and Amelia are willing to take the child legally. Later Owen and Amelia separate, and Owen takes Leo on his own.

The bond between the two is pleasant, and Owen takes care of his son in a pleasant way.

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