Go Bulldogs! What Did Phil Dunphy Go to College for on ‘Modern Family’?

Some of the characters in the comedy series, Modern Family, make their Alma Maters known, but others do not state where they went to school.

For Phil Dunphy, attending college was one of his favorite things, even being a catechist and amateur magician while studying there.

Phil Dunphy loved the college and his Alma Mater

Although his school is anonymous, Phil Dunphy was in attendance and held the college in high esteem. He was even a cheerleader. When it came time for Haley to go to college, Phil decided to take her to his alma mater, looking around campus and sitting in class. The real reason was that Haley would be excited about doing something after high school.

“Go bull,” said Claire with a confession. Phil was quick to correct her, saying the mascot was the bull. Viewers even saw Phil “barking” with his old college friends while on the phone.

according to Today’s Family Fandom, “In college, he had a roommate, Ling a colleague who would later have announced that he had given himself a helicopter. ”He had a competitor in college called Glen Whipple, the captain of the cheerful team that can break out and do magic like Phil. “

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Phil Dunphy is a proud realtor

Whatever his secret top college, Phil Dunphy became a real estate agent in California. In one program, Phil learns that he could have worked at a Magic Shop if Claire hadn’t said he wasn’t interested. Nevertheless, Phil loves his job and “thinks inside the box. ”

Unfortunately, Phil Dunphy is not the best realtor in the area. That title is reserved for his business rival and personal nemesis, Gil Thorpe. (Gil Thorpe even told the children that he sold a house to Kobe Bryant during Luke and Manny’s career at school.)

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Why did Claire Dunphy go to college?

Phil calls her school a “party school,” but viewers don’t know for sure where Claire Dunphy went to school. Although Claire Dunphy ‘s college is not anonymous, fans learned that she went to school for marketing and worked for a while before she had Haley, Alex, and Luke.

She returned to the world of business when the children grew up, working with her father at Pritchett’s Closets. A few other characters in this New Family were attending college.

That includes Cameron Tucker, who attended both a college clown and the University of Illinois, playing football there. Mitchell Pritchett went to Cornell University before going to Columbia University to study law. Alex Dunphy, Phil and Claire ‘s middle child, went to Caltech.

While this comedy series has come to an end, fans can catch up with cast members on social media, some of whom went on to work for Disney and Pixar on projects like Sofia first and Looking for Dory. Some episodes of Modern family available for streaming on Hulu.

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