‘Gilmore Girls’: The Dragonfly Inn Was Once Part of a Classic TV Series

1972 was a turbulent time in America. The entertainment industry reflected these ongoing changes in the United States. All in the Family It was a modern TV show delivering a funny smile to living rooms across America. Based on the atmosphere in the country, it’s surprising that a ton of people packed in every week for a whole family drama – but they did. The Waltons remains one of the most popular family series in television history. It was so popular, of course, that the set was rebuilt for later films and part of it was used in other love family drama…

(LR) Michael learned as Olivia Walton and Mary McDonough as Erin Walton on porch on 'The Waltons'
(LR) Michael Learned as Olivia Walton and Mary McDonough as Erin Walton | CBS Photo Archive / Getty Images

‘The Waltons’: The Great Depression in Rural Virginia

The Waltons it was a family drama that ran from 1972 to 1981. The series followed the life of much of the Walton family. It was set in rural Virginia during the Great Depression and later, WWII. The popular show was based on the book, Mount Spencer, released in 1961.

John and Olivia Walton they have seven children – John Jr. (better known as John-Boy), Jason, Mary Ellen, Erin, Benjamin, James, and Elizabeth. James also had a twin brother who died at birth. Grandma and Grandpa Walton also live with the rest of the brood, bringing the large family to 11 people.

Middle-aged John-Boy reports each program. He became a journalist and novelist, and tells the audience many stories about his beloved family. John Sr. runs a loft mill with the help of his sons, and the family also works to put food on the table and bring in more income. They were a caring, generous family, always willing to help their neighbors and those in need in any way they could.

The series follows the children through school, and then through World War II. The four boys enlist in the service, with Olivia volunteering as a nurse. The family spends several storms, including the grandmother’s stroke and the grandfather’s death.

Hollow Stars and the Dragonfly Hotel

Gilmore’s daughters drama was infused with a healthy dose of hilarious comedy. The series followed Lorelai and Rory Gilmore’s mother / daughter duo, along with a series of daily events in the fictional, sleepy city of Stars Hollow, Connecticut.

When the series opens, Lorelai works as the manager of the Independence Inn. The pub is owned by her good friend, Mia, who was 16 and pregnant and had left home. Finally, Lorelai plans to buy a pub with her closest friend and chef, Sookie St. James. However, the pub was set on fire and never reopened, as a result of which the pair opened a new location.

Lorelai and Sookie opened the Dragonfly Hotel at the end of season four. When they first visit the house, it has run down and needs to be relocated. Lorelai borrows from the owner of the local restaurant, Luke, and uses it to start the new business. The finished product is a quaint and charming pub, with two horses and beautiful gardens.

Part of the set ‘The Waltons’ was reproduced and used as The Dragonfly Inn

If there are any fans in the series, Gilmore’s Daughters, happened to be watching The Waltons, one of the sets may look familiar. The Walton family saga did not stop when the television series came to an end – there were six films and several reunion programs. These special facilities reunited the family during holidays and weddings, giving the audience a glimpse of their favorite characters and a new addition to the family. The house that was home to The Walton family eventually became a model for the Dragonfly Inn.

The original set had to be rebuilt after a studio fire and then moved to Warner Bros. Studios. That set was used for a 1993 film, as well as appearing in several other films and television programs. according to Fox News, was one of those shows Gilmore’s daughters, where the house emerged as the infamous Dragonfly pub. Fortunately, in the first season, Rory mentions it The Waltons while her mother tells the story of her birth.

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