‘Gilmore Girls’ Star Milo Ventimiglia Once Said He Was ‘Team Dean’

On the WB series Gilmore’s daughters, actress Milo Ventimiglia played one of Rory ‘s high school love interests, the controversial Jess Jessiano character. However, Ventimiglia himself thought that another of Rory’s lovers – Dean – was better for the main character. Gilmore’s daughters. Has the actor’s stance changed over the years?

‘Gilmore Girls’ shooting ball played by Jess was more of a ‘Team Dean’ boy

Milo Ventimiglia as Jess on Gilmore Girls
Milo Ventimiglia during a Gilmore’s daughters photography Barry King / WireImage

Diehard fans of Gilmore’s daughters tends to be divided into three main categories, each bidding for Rory to end up with one of the lovers she runs through the series. There are “teams” for each one: high school sweetheart Dean, the bad boy rebound Jess, and finally, rich Logan Yale hotshot. (There are some outliers on Team Marty, or Team No One).

At the Gilmore’s daughters 15th anniversary ATX TV Festival event, Ventimiglia told the Austin crowd that he has “always been very vocal,” about the team he’s on.

“I was always the Dean of a Team,” Ventimiglia said. But, if not for himself, why not Logan, Rory ‘s college sweetheart?

“Logan was a liar,” said the Gilmore’s daughters said a star at the TV festival.

The series’ creator, Amy Sherman-Palladino, also spoke about Dean’s involvement Gilmore’s daughters at ATX – especially the end of season 4. In that program Dean and Rory, played by Jared Padalecki and Alexis Bledel, sleep together for the first time.

“We weren’t trying to make a statement,” Sherman-Palladino said of that memorable scene. “We were really trying to figure out who she was. It’s a decision she’s not going to make lightly or I didn’t want her to get drunk at a party. ” But eventually the WB made up their minds.

“It got to the point where the studio and the network,‘ it really has sex, ’” the presenter told the ATX audience.

Of course, Sherman-Palladino always had a plan for that time.

“When we did our vision, I wanted him to be Dean,” she said at the festival. “And I wanted them not to be together then.”

Team Jess fans would be further disappointed by the 2019 video for BuzzFeed. In the clip, the This is us the star answered the question, “Who do you think Rory should have: Dean, Jess, or Logan?” with something a little more special than most GG fans.

“None of the above,” Ventimiglia said. “They are from the past. People, Rory has to move on forever in his life. All right? ”

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