‘Gilmore Girls’: Sookie St. James Was a Fan Favorite, but Was the Character Overrated?

Gilmore’s daughters they may have focused heavily on Lorelai Gilmore and her daughter Rory Gilmore, but several high school characters appeared as their favorites. Sookie St. James, the fickle chef at the Independence Inn and, later, Lorelai’s business partner, is a favorite character of many. Her lively, unique nature made her a fan, but that doesn’t mean she wasn’t flawed. Some fans even think Sookie may have been too much.

Sookie was flying, clumsy, and needy

Sookie had a big heart and seemed to enjoy being directly involved in the lives of Lorelai and Rory. She had a deep connection to both and was very much like family when everything was said and done. Sookie may have been a great friend, but working with her in a professional role must have been a really bad night.

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Reddit users state that Sookie was incredibly flying, mocking away, and needy when it came to business. Most agree that he would drive them. Of course, these flaws, along with her over-the-top naivety, are the main reason she may have been a very high-profile character.

Sookie was a bit rude and brutal

Sookie may have been largely jovial and polite, but there were several moments in the show’s seven-season run when she was brutal, rude, and desperate. Surprisingly enough, her gloomy and annoying side seemed to glow when she was around Luke Danes.

Whether she was kicking him out of his restaurant to take over the kitchen, or judging his food when he filled up for it in the Dragonfly Hotel, Sookie thought she was better than Luke. She was not afraid to tell him. Sookie was unkind to Norman Mailer when he started eating at the Dragonfly Inn, and she was brutal and disrespectful to a food critic who did not destroy her risotto.

Sookie did not draw St. James weighed in when he opened the Dragonfly Inn

Sookie was also largely useless when it came to opening the Dragonfly Hotel. Not only did she leave Lorelai to handle the finances and make pretty much every decision, but she didn’t even show up once she was asked to do it herself. When Lorelai protested, she sounded like she had no plans to help get the business up and running. She just wanted to go in and deal with the food when Lorelai did everything else. It was unfair to put all that on Lorelai. ”

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Michel Gerard in ‘Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life’ | Netflix

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We really liked Sookie anyway. For her faults, Sookie was still one of the best characters on display. She helped balance Michel Gerard’s morals and Lorelai’s manic energy in the right way. It is safe to say that even if it did not help to grow the industry, the Dragonfly would have failed completely without it. So was Sookie too stressed? Maybe a little. Was her presence on display necessary to make it a success? Absolutely.

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