‘Gilmore Girls’: Scott Baio Almost Played Jess’s Dad, But the Network Refused

In strange news (and old must be admitted), when Gilmore’s daughters throwing for the character’s father Jess, they pulled Charles is in charge alum Scott Baio. However, the WB said no. Why didn’t Baio get on Gilmore’s daughters?

‘Gilmore Girls’ cast directors asked Scott Baio to play Jess’s father on the spin-off series

Scott Baio
Scott Baio at the Red eye Premiere Los Angeles | SGranitz / WireImage

on the Gilmore discussion / interview podcast Guys Gilmore, WB series throwback directors Mara Casey and Jami Rudofsky explained the process of throwing Milo Ventimiglia, who played Rory Jess Mariano ‘s second great love interest on Gilmore’s daughters.

“Milo had done a lot,” they said. “He was still a young child … that was kind of a non-brain, admittedly. ”

But, half way through Gilmore Season 4, the directors got thrown out: “There was going to be revenue,” by Ventimiglia.

(The Gilmore’s daughters a program where Jess goes to Venice to find out that her father is a back door pilot to Windward Circle, Jess ’own show that didn’t go beyond one program).

“… So we had to throw Dad Jess,” Rudofsky recalled. And Casey suggested the name: Scott Baio.

In his own interview on it Guys Gilmore, Ventimiglia remembers the co – creators of the show dragging it into an office to discuss the possible sequence.

“So, look, we want to take your character off,” they told the actor. “We want to investigate the broken relationship between you and your father, so we are going to continue to do so. ”

Although it didn’t happen for two seasons, Ventimiglia says it was discovered “very early. ”

“I knew within the first two pairs of the third season that they were planning that,” he said. He replied at the time: “So, all right, I have a show of my own, but you are writing it.” The Gilmore’s daughters The creators told him “it was going to happen. ”Ventimiglia was all inside.

“I was like, ‘Great, I’m in, I’m in love, I love you, I love the character,'” he said on the podcast. “I think that would be an explosion. We made a line for it. ”

Milo Ventimiglia had previously collaborated with Scott Baio on another TV show

The This is us star also explained in his podcast interview before joining the Gilmore’s daughters by the time he was 24, he had been working with Baio.

“I was coming from a contract I had at the studio,” he recalled. “I did a show with the name Return, which brought Scott Baio back to TV that never happened. ”

Ventimiglia had only nice things to say about the Happy days alum.

“He’s an amazing guy,” he said.

Ball cast Gilmore Girls Milo Ventimiglia
Milo Ventimiglia for Gilmore’s daughters | Barry King / WireImage

When Baio heard Jess’ father playing on the Gilmore’s daughters spin-off series, killed him.

“He came in and read it,” the throwing directors remembered. He was much admired by the show, Amy Sherman-Palladino.

“… Amy was like, ‘You’re fking right, that’s it. Done and done, ‘”they said on the podcast. However, it was not that simple. The WB apparently was not happy with the Baio throw.

“… We get to the studio and the network, and they don’t want to have anything to do with it, because Charles is in charge, ” an Gilmore’s daughters alumni defined Guys Gilmore. “Am Amy pulled hard at him, but the network wanted more of the view. ”

So they teamed up with actor Rob Estes, best known for his roles on it Melrose Place and 90210, instead. But, since then Windward Circle not built, Estes only appeared in 2 episodes of Gilmore’s daughters as Jess’ father, Jimmy Mariano.

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