‘Gilmore Girls’: Milo Ventimiglia’s Mom Had a Hilariously Sweet Reaction When He Got Cast as Jess

Milo Ventimiglia was one of the most popular Gilmore’s daughters thrown. Why his mother had such a strange reaction to his throw like Jess Mariano at him Gilmore’s daughters Season 2?

How Milo Ventimiglia was cast as Jess in season 2 of ‘Gilmore Girls’

Gilmore Girls member Milo Ventimiglia as Jess Mariano
Milo Ventimiglia for Gilmore’s daughters | Barry King / WireImage

In 2016, Ventimiglia joined Kevin T. Porter and Demi Adejuyigbe, guests of the podcast Guys Gilmore, to talk about his experience playing Jess Mariano.

In terms of getting a throw, Ventimiglia’s experience was pretty brisk; an Gilmore the creators wanted the actor as a regular series “immediately,” they told him.

Porter said series creator Amy Sherman-Palladino once shared that they knew immediately that they wanted to write something for Ventimiglia.

“We don’t know the part yet, but we want to lock it down,” she said of the young actor.

“If Amy says that, yes, maybe that’s how it was in the end,” said the This is us star confirmed Guys Gilmore.

Ventimiglia’s mother was a big fan of ‘Gilmore Girls’

Ventimiglia’s view was different, however.

“All I knew was that I had a laboratory for this show Gilmore’s daughters that I knew my mother was happy with it, ”he recalled on the podcast. “My mother was very happy.”

But she was not told about the work as Ventimiglia had expected.

“I remember the day I named my mother,” he said. He said by phone: “Hey Mom, so I had a test today for a show with the name Gilmore’s daughters. ”

“Oh, that’s great, I like that show,” replied the actor’s mother. “How did it go?”

“Well I got the job,” Ventimiglia said.

“Oh, well, that’s great, that’s amazing,” she said. “What’s the part? ”

“I do not know,” admitted Ventimiglia. “But they also make me consistent.” What did his mother think?

“He was silent,” the actor recalled. “My mother didn’t say anything.”

However, Ventimiglia calcifies her reaction up to shock – and gets all the information about the separation all at once. (And finally, she congratulated her son).

“It was kind of one of those funny things that she didn’t expect it to be – ‘oh, I had a lab, oh, I got the job, oh I’m going to be there for a year or two maybe ‘”An Gilmore’s daughters explained alum.

Not to mention, her own son would soon be at the heart of one of her favorite shows.

Should the characters Milo Ventimiglia and Alexis Bledel, Jess and Rory, come together?

Cast Gilmore Girls
Milo Ventimiglia and Alexis Bledel at the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences event “Behind the Scenes of Gilmore’s daughters”| Image Mathew / FilmMagic

Previously Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, Jess’ last show was shown in season 6.

Was Ventimiglia satisfied with how Jess fared in that program?

“Yeah, I think so,” said the actor Guys Gilmore. “I think he was right. ”

Ventimiglia recalled:

That was the show where his opening was at the publishing company and Luke looked up and then Rory looked up and then kissed, but she was still with Logan. … Jess said, ‘I don’t deserve this.’ I thought that was cool, that Jess stood up for himself.

Also, Ventimiglia is not crushed that Rory and Jess didn’t start together. (He also joked that it would be very narcissistic to be like “Team Jess”).

“I never thought Jess would be the last stop,” Ventimiglia said of Rory. “I think he’s the man she had to learn a lot about life from. That was it. He was never going to be Jess in my mind. ”

He liked the actor Gilmore’s daughters a character arc that finished nicely in season 6.

“He became a kind man and he always liked that he got to that place where he saw things out enough where he wasn’t going to walk around,” Ventimiglia explained. and Jess. “He tried some things and he was standing by himself. ”

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