‘Gilmore Girls’: Emily Kuroda’s Theory About Lane Kim’s Dad Is Everything You Need to Hear Right Now

Nearly ten years after the seventh and final season of Gilmore’s daughters, fans finally discovered the truth behind Lane Kim ‘s father (Keiko Agena). Throughout the original series, Lane’s father was particularly absent, despite a few references. And while the presence of Ms. Kim (Emily Kuroda) was enough to make up for every parenting role, Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life he solved the mystery behind Mr. Kim. Nonetheless, Kuroda recently shared a theory about her husband on-screen, and you wish it happened in a Netflix revival.

Why didn’t Mr Kim appear for ‘Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life’?

Portrait of Emily Kuroda
Emily Kuroda | Craig F. Walker / The Boston Globe through Getty Images

Given Lane ‘s love of music, fans would have loved to see musician Mr Kim Gilmore’s daughters. But even if Kuroda ‘s theory is not canon, there is still hope that it will be her next. Speaking to him today, Kuroda made a prediction about what Ms. Kim and Lane have done so far.

“Right now, Ms. Kim is looking after her twin grandmothers,” Kuroda said. “She’s just as tight on them. But they have started a band, with Ms. Kim as the lead singer. Look out for the music video. ”

But whether the Kims live up to Kuroda’s theory, the actor will always be grateful for Lane’s extensive tour ahead Gilmore’s daughters.

“I’m so thankful I made Ms. Kim in Gilmore’s daughters because I can count with one hand the number of Asian American characters who have a round home life … at that time. And this is seven years of watching Lane from high school, to her first date, to marriage, and children, ”said Kuroda.

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