‘Gilmore Girls’: Do You Remember the Creepiest Character in the Shows Seven-Season Run?

Gilmore’s daughters it was about Lorelai and Rory Gilmore, but some would argue that the high school characters helped make the show special. While most of the high school characters were harmless and fun, like Stars Hollow residents, not all of them were attractive. There is one character who appeared from time to time in the show during season 4 and season 5 whose character was definitely not growing well at all.

Who was Glenn Babble?

Glenn Babble was introduced Gilmore’s daughters fans in season 4 as one of Rory’s classmates at Yale. He also wrote for the paper, The Yale Daily News. Glenn was immediately noted for anger, weirdness, and a bit of harassment. Instead of coming across as goofy and hapless, like Rory Marty’s friend, Glenn’s character was rather dark instead.

Old Yale Campus
Old Yale Campus Univerisity Bobby Bank / WireImage

Glenn was also stalking a fellow student. In another program, he asked one of his students, and when she tried to calm him down, he gave her a bad look at everything she would normally do. weekend afternoon. When she was worried, he suggested that she close her blinds if she did not want her to be looked after. Amy Sherman-Palladino may have thought that Glenn would be a delicate design. Now, 20 years after the series aired their pilot program, the character isn’t hitting so precariously. It is seen as something urgent and a threat to the well-being of others.

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