‘Gilmore Girls’ Creator Amy Sherman-Palladino Once Said, ‘There’s No Way I’m Going to Top This Experience’

The creator Gilmore’s daughtersAmy Sherman-Palladino, is known for being very tightly controlled by her WB show. She made her decision regarding throwing, writing, directing, and everything else that she and her husband Daniel Palladino did Gilmore’s daughters he was creative, lame, and fond of. Perhaps that’s why the showman said she could never “top” Gilmore.

Amy Sherman-Palladino explains how she hit season 1 Girls’

Lauren Graham and creator / writer Amy Sherman-Palladino stand at The WB Networks' "Gilmore's daughters" 100th program party
Lauren Graham and creator Amy Sherman-Palladino at The WB Networks’ Gilmore’s daughters 100th party program on December 4, 2004 Kevin Winter / Getty images

Aig 2015 Gilmore’s daughters a reunion (for the show’s 15th anniversary) at the ATX TV Festival, Sherman-Palladino, gushed about her cast members – notably the top three ladies, Lauren Graham, Kelly Bishop, and Alexis Bledel.

“They kept giving me Lauren’s picture,” she said of the cast directors, “and I wouldn’t watch it, because she was on this other show.” At the time, Graham was involved in another network series. .

Sherman-Palladino thought: “I’m going to fall in love with someone I can’t be.”

Graham also avoided reading the script, for the same reason. However, when she finally read it, “something clicked,” explained the actress at the ATX Festival.

“She finally walked in,” Sherman-Palladino recalled Graham’s lab. “She sat down. We talked. Read us. She walked out and we are like, and we are ready. And, there is Lorelai. ”

The throwing process was immediately underway for the Bishop, played by Lorelai’s mother Emily Gilmore.

However, the Gilmore’s daughters the creator is not meant to mean that the process was quick and easy.

“I’m kind of the queen of writing women who can’t,” Sherman-Palladino said in Austin. “I don’t know why, as it is, they are hard parts.” (I wonder if she would still say that today, about her Mrs. Maisel Midge and Susie characters.)

When it came to throwing Rory, things didn’t start well with Bledel.

“When Alexis walked in, she was sick and she looked at me, like I’m sick. ‘Really !? ”Sherman-Palladino said at the 2015 festival.“ I was like, ‘She hates me. I love her. ‘”

Bledel didn’t hate her, she was just sick – and of course, the rest Gilmore’s daughters history.

Before ‘Year in Life’ and ‘Mrs. Maisel ‘, Sherman-Palladino said that nothing could ever be the top of’ Gilmore ‘

Cast Gilmore Girls
Alexis Bledel and Lauren Graham will appear in Gilmore’s daughters | Warner Bros./Delivered by Online USA

Sherman-Palladino was positively talking about it Gilmore’s daughters at the Austin TV festival.

“You’ll get one, I think, sometime in a position,” she said at the 15-year reunion. “If all else fails,… at least I got this. ” The Gilmore The girls creator was especially grateful for her actors on display.

“… There is no way to capitalize on this experience,” she said, “this team, these famous women, is not going to happen again. God, I got so lucky. ”

The TV presenter said this a few years before he won an Emmy Mrs. Maisel appearing on Amazon Prime – so we’d be curious to find out if she feels like she’s topped Gilmore’s daughters, After all.

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