‘Gilmore Girls’: 4 Signs Lorelai Gilmore and Max Medina Were Never Going To End up Together

Lorelai Gilmore (Lauren Graham) had some love interest Gilmore’s daughters before finally ending with Luke Danes (Scott Patterson). Among them was her daughter Chilton’s English teacher, Max Medina (Scott Cohen).

Alexis Bledel and Lauren Graham at the 2006 Summer Television Criticism Association Newsletter for the CW
Alexis Bledel and Lauren Graham at the 2006 Summer Television Critics Association News Round for the CW | Kevin Winter / Getty Images

Their romance began in the early hours of the TV show while viewers waited for the day that Lorelai would counter her feelings about Luke. Long before that happened in season 4 when Luke and Lorelai kissed, Rory Gilmore’s mother (Alexis Bledel) got involved with Max. But their relationship was not going to last.

Lorelai Gilmore kept forgetting to bring a key to Max Medina’s house

With their wedding approaching Lorelai and their bachelorette and bachelor parties. Thanks to a moving story about her own mother’s wedding, Lorelai realized that Max was not the man for her.

The next day she and Max had an argument about keys. In particular, the fact that Lorelai kept forgetting to give him and Rory’s house an extra key. Less than a week before their wedding, Max was wondering if Lorelai really wanted him there.

Lorelai Gilmore felt weird about Max Medina sleeping in her house

Lorelai couldn’t get used to Max being a part of her life. To some extent, she was feeling weird with sleeping in the bed.

She couldn’t sleep and found herself walking downstairs to Rory’s room. Lorelai told Rory that the situation was strange to her but the half-asleep teenager did not see it as a sign that she was not ready to marry Max.

Eventually, Lorelai did not get through with the wedding and went on a road trip to Harvard with Rory.

Look Gilmore’s daughters and Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life on Netflix.

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